Best Selling Smoking Pipes

Proven to be popular time-and-time again, and a staple of any smokers collection, our selection of best selling smoking pipes are second-to-none in terms of selection, quality, and craftmanship. From Hawaiian lava pipes to handcrafted one hitters from Austin-based Grav Labs, Cannsy has the hand pipe for any occasion. We have the perfect pipes that will fit discreetly in your pocket and pipes that will make you the talk of the town. From the tiniest, one hitter sure to make you elevated, to the mythical Giant Glass Gandalf Pipe, we have a style sure to strike your fancy. For those not looking for the traditional smoking pipe, we have uniquely shaped and crafted ceramic pipes from Summerland and Miwak. Seeking portability that won’t take up a lot of room? Want something for your outdoor adventures? Check out our collection of stellar mini one hitters, portable glass cigars, and mini-steamrollers that are sure to deliver awesome hits. Those wanting more traditional style pipes, we have those, too, in an assortment of styles from mini 4” inch pipes (sandblasted or striped) to larger 6” pipes. Needing something with a little more heft but still gentle enough for your throat? Check out our most popular bubblers by Purr Glass. And while you are checking out the smoking pipes, be sure to browse our selection of bubbler pipes for sale! Whether it's more obscure stealth pipes or those whose popularity has grown like a weed, pipes that are among the best will be found on Cannsy. For more information, feel free to check out the reviews listed on our product pages.