Best Selling Smoking Accessories

Spanning the spectrum of smoking products, Cannsy's best sellers for smoking accessories includes everything from 24k gold rolling papers and blunt wraps to stylish stash trays and nifty multi-tools. Don’t have a stash jar?  Not just for looks, Van Der Pop’s stash jars are also highly functional. Miron glass filters out all full-spectrum visible light and lets violet light in. By allowing only violet wavelengths to seep in, VDP’s stash jars slow down the decay of your precious herbs. Satisfied with your current stash jars? Need a grinder? Cannsy has you covered with some of the best grinders, varying in size and make, on the market. Want some resilient, heavy duty grinders? Santa Cruz Shredders is the perfect grinder for you. What happens if you have every smoking accessories covered - from toker pokers to ashcatchers - but find yourself without a bowl due to a mishap? Luckily, Cannsy's smoking accessories include 14mm Glass Bubble Bowls, Octobowls, and Clear Glass Funnel Slide Bowls in 10mm, 14mm, 19mm for your bongs. For those that think cleaning a pipe or bong with your homemade solution (as written about in our “How to Clean A Bong” and “How to Clean A Glass Pipe” section in our education center) is a little too much work, you can always cave in and buy Formula 420’s best selling Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaner. For more information on Cannsy's best smoking accessories anywhere online, feel free to check out the reviews listed on Cannsy's product pages.