Beaker Base Percolator Bong by UPC - 12 Inches

by UPC
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  • 14mm Glass On Glass Joint
  • Single Percolator
  • Ice Catcher
  • Large Slide Bowl
  • Handmade In The USA

This 12" beaker base bong features a single perc with 3-diffusion slits on each arm. This feature enables it to produce more than enough bubbles to fully cool, and sooth the roughest tobacco.  An ice-catcher just above the perc allows for a little extra chilling power, and by the time smoke passes over the ice, what exits the mouthpiece is one very smooth, silky draw.  


This water pipe percolator utilizes a low-profile diffused downstem, and a generous 14 mm bowl that slides easily for help in clearing the chamber of unused smoke.  The durability that being made of high-grade, thick borosilicate glass gives to this cool bong is a big plus.  It is the perfect traveling companion for anyone who needs something smaller but doesn't want to give up good percolation to get it.  This water pipe was handblown by human breath, not machine, and the talent of the artist who made it is apparent in every well-functioning detail.