The Ultimate Helix Pipe Review of 2017


I never thought I could be so happy with the overall quality of a helix pipe in 2017, and in my past online shopping experiences, I’ve encountered my fair share of duds. However, this 3-in-1 glass helix multi-pipe by Grav Labs goes above and beyond the quality, you might expect to find in a typical helix pipe. I feel confident in my assertions when I say that this pipe serves as a worthy contender in the realm of helix pipes. Knowing where to find the right pipe for your personal needs can be a frustrating ordeal, so when I found this one, I was both relieved and mightily impressed with the quality. There are plenty of helix pipe brands found on the Web, and avoiding the manufacturers who sell these duds can be difficult when you are new to shopping online for your own helix pipe. What really convinced me to give the Grav Labs brand a shot was its impressive versatility in terms of the features it included. Upon first viewing it online, I was immediately impressed with its attention to detail, functionality and aesthetic. Read on if you would like to know more about the features of this particular helix pipe and find out how they fare in the eyes of an experienced helix pipe enthusiast!

The 3-In-1 Helix Multi-pipe by Grav Labs:

The 3-in-1 Helix multi-pipe by Grav Labs has it all. Earlier, I mentioned the incredible amount of attention that has been given to the functionality, aesthetic and detail of this standard sized helix nano pipe. Some of these standout features include its funnel-shaped Venturi Chamber, the bubbler, it's one-hitter and spoon attachments. Together, this helix pipe really and truly is a ‘3-in-1′ with its chamber, bubbler and one-hitter features. This glass pipe transforms into a bubbler, spoon pipe and one-hitter! Also worth mentioning here is the fact that this pipe is composed of the finest lab-grade borosilicate glass there is, and that is saying a lot for this particular model. Next, I would like to discuss some of these features a little more in-depth.

First of all, I mentioned that this pipe came in a standard size. The 3-in-1 helix measures up to a total of 10 millimeters to ensure your utmost comfort in both handling and using it. In this case, less truly is more. I found it to be incredibly convenient myself, and for those of you who are shopping for your first helix pipe, I say have no fear – learning to use this one quickly becomes second nature for the simplicity of its design. I am sure that you will agree with me wholeheartedly once it makes it way into your own two hands! Depending on what your personal preferences are, this pipe can be purchased in either the regular or large size.

Next off, the Venturi Chamber of the 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs sets the caliber high for other models with its premium borosilicate glass to make and classic funnel shape. The chamber truly is the centerpiece of this pipe. From what I understand, its unique design was made famous by and is widely associated with the Grav Labs brand. Micro-holes have been strategically placed along the shoulders where they are angled in the same direction to produce a spinning vortex of much smoother, cooler smoke. Couple this with the fact that the pipe is made of translucent glass and that means you can both watch as you take it all in and have a significantly less cumbersome experience when it comes to inhaling. Your throat and lungs will thank you for it, as did mine! I have noticed that you also conserve much more of your medicinal herb because of this unique design choice. What an awesome bonus. After using this pipe, it’s really not terribly hard to see why people love it so much.

Now I would like to discuss the bubbler on this pipe. Being one of the essential parts of a helix pipe, it is crucial for any manufacturer of helix pipes to get it right. I am here to tell you that Grav Labs has simply nailed it! The bubbler is an outstanding feature on this pipe for its diffused downstream capacity and hand-blown glass beauty. The one-hitter attachments that come with the 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe are a perfect addition to what I have already discerned to be a classic hit (no pun intended)! An acrylic joint clamp is also included with this set to sweeten the deal that much more.

Pros And Cons:

  • 3-in-1 capacity
  • Durability
  • Premium Quality
  • 100% Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Available in A Variety of Colors


  • May appeal less to novelty collectors for its straightforward design
  • Cost may be a deterrent for some

Who Should Buy The 3-In-1 Helix Multi Pipe?

When it comes to saying exactly who I think could benefit most from the 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs, the answer will ultimately depend on the user and what it is they are specifically looking for in a helix pipe. If you are like me, you want something that is durable, discrete and very smooth hitting in terms of its performance. The 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs possesses all of these qualities and more.

Whether you are looking to own a pipe that will be used purely for medicinal purposes or is searching for something to include and show off in a personal collection, you simply cannot go wrong with this one. It comes in a variety of colors including red, green and black. The Grav Labs brand is all about quality, and this pipe is a prime example of all things done right in a helix model. If, however, your interests lie in owning the more fancily designed sorts of pipes and your intentions are to own something that is more of a display or novelty piece, this may be one you want to pass up on. This is not to say that this pipe is not aesthetically pleasing or very well made. On the contrary, but if edgy or flamboyant is more of your personal style, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.


As a recap, here is a list of some primary features:
  • Venturi Chamber
  • 10 mm Glass Joints
  • Bubbler, Spoon & One-Hitter Accessories
  • Additional Attachments

Final Considerations

All-in-all, this was a great buy! I highly recommend this helix pipe to anybody who is looking for a high-quality piece of glass. Whether you are a novice or experienced enthusiast like myself, the 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs is one of the smoothest hitting pipes you could ever hope to own. Personally, this is the only pipe I now use since it is so flexible in its variety of uses. It is incredibly resourceful for its seamless combination of quality, durability and performance quality. Being able to watch the spinning vortex of smoke as you inhale is just an added bonus!

The primary catch for this helix pipe is its multifunctional capacity. The 3-in-1 feature is a unique selling point and makes it a genuinely unique find. Cost may be an initial deterrent for some, however, the fact that this helix pipe includes these three separate functions makes it quite the steal. In other words, you won’t have to go out and spend your money on three separate helix pipes! As a connoisseur on helix pipes, I especially appreciate the attention given to detail in the blown glass. Fans of blown glass pipes will instantly be attracted to the overall aesthetic of this piece and want to include it in their collection. After all, this pipe is made from high-quality borosilicate glass. What’s not to love?

If you are new to the Grav Labs brand and feel a bit leery of the idea of making a purchase from an unfamiliar company, all I can say is, trust me on this one! I was hesitant about taking the leap when I first stumbled across this new and unfamiliar manufacturer, as well. The payoff is truly worth it in the end, however. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Grav Labs provides a warranty to safeguard you against any potential product defects that arise in their helix pipes.

In the end, the 3-in-1 Helix Multi Pipe by Grav Labs exceeded all of my expectations and then some. As a collector, I have come across my fair share of helix pipes in the past. To be completely honest, this one quickly became a personal favorite and is now the only one I like to use. Whether you want something that serves purely as a novelty item or needs a helix pipe that you can count on for daily use, you need look no further than this beautiful piece!

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