The Best Water Pipe for the Money

One popular method of smoking dry or medicinal herbs is by using a water pipe, also known as a bong. Because the water pipe passes the smoke through water before you inhale, many of the toxins and other particles that you might have previously taken into your body will be filtered out. You will get a much purer smoke with a water pipe than you would through a vaporizer. In addition, a good water pipe cools the smoke, making it easier and less irritating for you to inhale. Water pipes are also relatively simple to clean and maintain compared to other options.

Because water pipes have been a part of smoking dry herbs for years, there are many different types, designs, and sizes available. This can make your selection of the right one for you very difficult. We have tried many different water pipes and have compiled this list to help you find the best water pipe.

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Our Top Pick: Mini Round Base Bong with Fixed Downstem

Our choice for the overall best water pipe is this 8-inch Mini Round Base Bong manufactured by Grav Labs. While the round base style is newer style for Grav Labs and their touted line of products, it is that shape that makes it our choice for the best water pipe.

Despite the mini size of this bong, the round base makes it exceptionally sturdy in the event that a hand or elbow hits it. In trials of accidentally hitting it, we are very impressed with the steadiness of this water pipe and its ability to withstand some pressure and not fall over. This is largely due to the base design chosen by Grav Labs. 

Even if this best water pipe were to be knocked over, it is made of some of the toughest glass on the market today and is unlikely to break. The borosilicate glass is so exceptionally strong that it can probably survive a fall from a table top, leaving you with just a puddle on the floor and not a pile of broken glass. This is a significant benefit for anyone who is in the habit of dropping or knocking over a water pipe during use.

Much like a beaker base, this bong allows you to fill it with more water, giving you more filtration and a more impressive hit than most straight water pipes. The bowl also features a glass handle on it, acting as a roll stopper when you set the bowl down on its side.

The built-in glass screen inside this water pipe helps to keep trash and ash out of the water without you having to sacrifice any of your herbs in the process. Having the screen built into the piece without you being forced to add it or change it frequently is one of the reasons we think this is the best water pipe.

We find that the fixed downstem makes it easier to clean this bong. We also appreciate the extra percolation and smoke diffusion created from this downstem. The multiple steps of this best water pipe make the smoke thicker, cooler and definitely smoother. You will find that the quality of the smoke is much higher due to this glass feature.

Who Should Buy This Product? 

Unlike many other bongs, this best water pipe also features an ice pinch that can be used to help cool down the smoke as you inhale it. Once you place the ice in the pinch, the cubes rest there as the smoke is forced to travel around and through that cold air in the water pipe’s neck, cooling that smoke before it enters your mouth. While having an ice pinch is not a necessity for a bong, it is a nice feature for your comfort, so if you are someone who does not prefer hot smoke and moisture, this might be the best water pipe for you.

If you find the opening of many water pipes to be uncomfortably small, you may find this bong to be a better option for you. The mouthpiece, formed to be extra thick, makes this one of the most comfortable water pipes to use. In addition, you will not feel like you are going to break this mouthpiece as you are using it thanks to the thick glass.

More Info on the Mini Round Base Bong with Fixed Downstem

One of the most well-respect glass workers, Grav Labs makes the best water pipe in its Austin, Texas, location. Grav Labs has been blowing glass bongs, rigs and many other smoking products for more than a decade, offering functional and stylish products for your everyday use. Because it uses lab-grade glass, you know that you are getting a high-quality and durable product.

If the features and construction quality are not good enough to convince you that this is the best water pipe available, remember the reputation of Grav Labs and the constant innovations in smoking equipment coming from this company. This water pipe is moderately priced at just under $110. We think that you will enjoy smoking with the Mini Round Base Bong, and you will look good while doing it.

The Specs

  • Designed and manufactured by Grav Labs
  • 8 inches high
  • Created using lab-grade, 32 millimeter-thick durable borosilicate glass
  • Sturdy round base
  • Fixed downstem
  • 14-millimeter joint size
  • Geometric ice pinch included
  • Selection of clear or black-detailed glass
  • Selection of assorted decal colors
  • Impressive, scientific-level craftsmanship for worry-free smoking

Flaws But Not Deal-Breakers

Some people prefer a removable downstem to the fixed one on this water pipe. These users say that fixed downstems cause a difficult pull at first until they finally get the smoke to break through, and then the pull becomes easier. This is a somewhat anecdotal situation, and there are other smoker who do not find this to be the case with the fixed downstem.

Another common complaint of this type of downstem is that there is less of an angle to it. This means that you cannot sit back at a leisurely angle while you smoke because the bong must stay upright to keep the cooling efficient. Again, this issue really comes down to the way you like to sit and where you will be using your water pipe.

Our Budget Pick: Twisted 14 Inch Bong

Although the best water pipe is not the most expensive bong option, it may be out of your price range. For a more modestly priced option, we like this twisted bong. Customers repeatedly buy this water pipe because it is as attractive as it is useful. The hand-blown glass, available in a wide variety of colors, will make you want to display this bong on a shelf or table when you are not using it. The different colors suit all different people, and adding this bong to your collection is never a mistake.

At 14 inches and just $63, it is made in the straight shooter style, offering sturdy, dependable function with every use. It is the right size to hold in one hand, and the construction is durable enough that you do not need to treat it like it is too fragile. The attention to detail on this makes it the best water pipe for the price. You do not need a larger or more expensive water pipe when you have this one for such a reasonable rate.

If Money Were No Object: Swiss Egg Bong with Inline Percolator

Coming in at nearly twice the price of our best water pipe, the Mini Round Base Bong, the Swiss Egg Glass Bong with Inline Percolator costs about $240. Manufactured by Purr, this 9-inch bong is small but powerfully smooth. The mouthpiece is flared, helping you avoid splashback while using this water pipe. This comfort is difficult to beat with any other bong.

In addition, the Swiss Egg Bong has an incline percolator, perfect for filtration and producing higher quality smoke. It also has indented ice notches in its egg-shaped chamber. These notches help cool down the smoke and keep you cool while you are using the water pipe. By adding ice to the notches, you will get a frosty smoke that is refreshing and relaxing. This water pipe is available in blue, green and purple, all of which are sturdy and durable. With proper care, we think the quality of this bong will make it last for many years and help it keep its value.

Other Runners-Up

There are so many bongs on the market that it can be very difficult to choose the best water pipe for you. We have already shown you what we consider to be the overall best pick, the best budge option and the most expensive, high-quality water pipe. In case none of those three are of interest to you, and you are looking for a more portable option, we have found several runners-up for you to consider:

1. Glass Beaker Bong by Purr - 8 Inches - $149.99

Similar in price to our choice for best water pipe, this pipe by Purr costs about $100. Available in both clear and pink color options, this pipe is much different than the previous entries on this list. It is only 6 inches high, and the dual chambers make this a bubbler rather than a traditional bong. However, you cannot let the small size of this pipe fool you; it may be compact, but it is efficient and provides high-quality smoke. By using two showerhead percolators, both of which feature slits for filtration and diffusion, the Pocket Dual Chamber Bubbler Pipe packs a smooth hit in every smoke. The bent neck, thick glass and rounded mouthpiece create even more high-quality enjoyment, and you cannot beat the pocket size of this pipe for portability and usefulness.

2. Pleasure Point Ceramic Bong by Summerland - $195.00

Widely considered to be one of the best water pipes for the money anywhere online, the Pleasure Point from Summerland is almost the perfect bong. At about $200 also, this water pipe from Summerland is nearly unbeatable. The Pleasure Point bong is made of high-quality ceramic and almost never looks dirty. Furthermore, is is both aesthetically pleasing and heavy, which makes it one of the very best water pipes on our list. 

3. The Papa Sherlock Pipe by Purr - 9.5 Inches - $97.99

Slightly more affordable at around $100, the Papa Sherlock Pipe, also created by Purr, is made from handcrafted borosilicate glass. The thick, heavy glass construction makes it durable and safer for transporting it wherever you need to go. This water pipe is 9.5 inches high with a base diameter of two inches. This pipe also uses the showerhead-diffused downstem, providing a smoother and more quality smoke. For its size and portability, this pipe has a surprisingly deep bowl for more dry herbs. Finally, the bent neck is both attractive and functional as it acts as a splash guard protecting your mouth from the heat.

Final Thoughts

When we set out to find the best water pipe for your money, we were unsure which bongs would top our list. However, we think that we have found you some great options, all of which offer high-quality smoke. Whether you are on a budget or looking to find the best water pipe you can find, you can trust that we have done our research. We think that the Mini Round Base Bong with a Fixed Downstem from Grav Labs is the all-around best water pipe. As new bongs are designed and sold, we will continue to update our list to keep you using the best products available. Be sure that you check back here often to stay on current on the best water pipe for you. Now it is your turn to try out some of these pipes to find your favorite. Happy smoking!

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