Netflix & Super Chill

Do you have a night planned in and want to stream and smoke? With the rise in popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu, we have more and more reasons to stay at home and chill. Throw in your favorite pipe, a good flick or tv show, and you've got one relaxing night cboming your way. What if you have run out of ideas of what to watch and are in need of recommendations? We have got your back! Let’s take a quick look at some series and films we like for the “Netflix and Superchill” itinerary.

Stream & Chill Series
When settling down to Netflix and chill, the Cannsy crew tends to veer towards nature shows and, depending on our mood, shows like "Silicon Valley", “Adventure Time”, or “Ricky & Morty”. Personally, I find myself wanting to become immersed in series where atmosphere and plot twists intermingle, leaving me hitting the "play next the episode" option over and over. Here are some of my favorite (and the Cannsy Team) series to smoke to and stream.

Africa (2013, UK, Now Streaming: Netflix)
It was a close tie between "Cosmos" & "Africa" and, while it is true that nature shows and smoking might seem a bit cliche, David Attenborough’s “Africa” is certainly a spectacle for all to behold. Created over a period of 4 years, Attenborough and his team travel all throughout the regions of Africa to capture amazing moments in nature.

There is stunning cinematography combined with “how did they capture that” moments that is sure to leave anyone engrossed. With 13 episodes, you can really take Netflix and chill to the next level by enjoying a nice smoke.

X-Files (1993-2002, USA, Now Streaming: Netflix)
Most of the Cannsy team has a soft spot for the 1990s sci-fi show “The X-Files”. With the recent 2016 reboot of the series, it is great to revisit the original series and rematch many of our favorite escapades with Mulder & Scully.

As you tag along on their numerous cases, you will encounter memorable characters like Agent Skinner, Cigarette Smoking Man, and the Lone Gunmen. At the end of your session, you might find yourself saying, "I want to believe".

Twin Peaks (1990 - 1991, USA, Now Streaming: Netflix)
The bowls are not what they seem. The owls are not what they seem. A cult classic in its own right, “Twin Peaks”,  is the perfect series to chill and stream on a night in. As you begin to unravel the events of this sleepy little town alongside Agent Dale Cooper, you’ll find yourself hitting the play next episode button (and hitting your favorite pipe) again and again.

Stream & Chill Movies
It was hard to narrow down our choices to just three films. There are the standard go-to films like “How High”, “Half Baked”, “Pineapple Express”, “Dazed And Confused”, and “Big Lebowski”, but we like to mix it up a bit.

As we browsed the annuals of our mind, we thought about what films truly stood out to us and came up with three solid choices that took top billing. Other staff recommendations include - "Thelma & Louise", "Roadhouse", "Life Aquatic", "Lord of the Rings", (pair that with the Gravitron), and (my personal fave) "Total Recall".

Interstellar (2014, USA, Now Streaming: Amazon Prime($)/Hulu)
Any films that revolve around space, like nature films, are often great to watch when in super chill mode. Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” was among the hits of 2014. 

Earth’s future is, essentially, becoming a planet of dust; rendering the planet inhabitable. As a Dust Bowl sweeps across the planet, NASA is desperate to find Earth’s inhabitants a new home. Led by a former NASA pilot, a team of researchers must travel through a wormhole and across the galaxy to find out which of three planets could be mankind's new home.

While the visuals are absolutely stunning, the music can make this film an intense, unrelaxing watch for some.

Fight Club (1999, USA, Now Streaming: Amazon Video($)/Vudu($))
When Fight Club was originally released in 1999, it caused quite a stir among film goers. Based on the 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk, the film has gone on to garner accolades and “must-see” status to film lovers everywhere.

An office worker, tired of struggling with depression and insomnia, is desperate to get out of the mundane life he has, crosses paths with a cavalier soap maker by the name of Tyler Durden. Soon, the duo forms an underground fight club where men fight others who are fed up with their droll and dreary lives.

As we all probably know by now - the first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club…

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006, Spain/Mexico, Now Streaming: Amazon Video($)/Vudu($))
Guillermo del Toro has such an amazing body of work credited to his name. From the visually stunning “Crimson Peak” to the highly entertaining “Hellboy” and under-lauded “Pacific Rim”, del Toro’s work can be appreciated in both super-chill mode and cineaste mode.

Taking place in 1944, Ofelia and her ailing mother arrive at the post of her mother's new husband in Spain. While inspecting her new surroundings, Ofelia discovers an ancient maze and encounters the faun Pan who reveals a secret about Ofelia.

With some amazing creature work, pensive atmosphere, and stunning visuals, “Pan’s Labyrinth” comes highly recommended.

Leave The House For…
While I’ve never been a fan of the Star Trek series, I know plenty of smokers that are super into the mega-series. This summer, “Star Trek Beyond’” will be releasing on July 22 and, chances are, you’re going to know someone that will want you to tag along with them to see this summer blockbuster.  And why not enhance your experience before hand? We’d definitely recommend this as the movie to see - grab some popcorn and chill…

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