The Best Vaporizer of 2017

Choosing the best method to deliver your medicinal herbs can be a difficult task. Here at Cannsy, we understand that each of our customers is an individual, and your likes and dislikes may be quite different from everyone else’s. We frequently review various products to help you determine which specific product matches your needs best. Today we would like to offer our opinions on the best vaporizers currently on the market. Our first-place choice is the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer.

Our Choice: The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer

The first thing we like about the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer is the way that every buyer can customize it to his or her own tastes. Start by selecting one of the various base colors, such as red, black or silver. Next, choose which optional components you would like, such as a different glass heater cover. Furthermore, the glass knobs and heat covers are handcrafted, so their appearance can vary a great deal between units. With so many different combinations possible, it is easy to design a vaporizer that is uniquely yours.

Looks alone would not be sufficient to earn the top spot on our list of best vaporizers. We also examined factors such as ease-of-use, construction quality and vaping satisfaction. The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer earned our highest marks in all of these categories, making it our overall choice for the best vaporizer.

First, the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer is extremely convenient to use. Select your desired temperature with the easy-to-read dial; the unit reaches the ideal temperature for vaporizing in only two to three minutes. Add your medicine onto the wand and attach for hands-free use. All fittings are easy to connect without the need for tools, strain or guesswork. Clean-up is a breeze also as it is safe to use isopropyl alcohol on the heater cover.

Every component of the Silver Surfer vaporizer is made from the highest quality materials available. The base is anodized aluminum to ensure a long life, while the heating element is made from long-lasting ceramic. All glass is borosilicate, which is considered the strongest type made today. The screens are made from durable stainless steel and are easy to change when needed.

Of greatest importance to many is the type of vaporizing experience that the unit offers. The range of temperatures offered let you choose massive clouds of smoke, or dial back the knob for less smoke. The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer lets you choose the perfect setting for your personal tastes and type of medicine, but it is capable of delivering quite a punch if you so desire.

Therefore, after examining all factors, we felt that the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer deserved the number-one spot on any review attempting to name the best vaporizer currently on the market.

Is The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer Right For You?

Actually, the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer is perfect for anyone who wants a desktop vaporizer that is stylish, convenient and durable. Experienced users or those who need to spread their medicine out in multiple daily doses will appreciate the speedy warm-up. Those who are new to vaporizing their herbs can benefit from the amount of control offered by the unit. Everyone will appreciate the efficiency of the unit; there is virtually no waste, and many people report that they can reduce their dosage substantially and still receive the same effect, saving them money.

More Info On The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer

One issue that many people have had with other vaporizers has involved the standard vertical design of most of them. The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer uses a stylish angled design to make it easier to use while improving its appearance at the same time. Different heating elements are available for use in other countries, including Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, so those who travel need never be without the best vaporizer. When traveling, all components fit inside a stylish carrying case to keep everything secure.


  • Adjustable temperature range is 200 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Unit is constructed from solid aluminum that is approximately 0.20 inch in thickness.
  • The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer is made in the United States by 7th Floor.
  • A complete, easy-to-read instruction manual is included.
  • Unit release very little smoke into the room, which will dissipate rapidly.
  • All glass is handcrafted marble borosilicate for strength and a look that is unique to each unit.


Actually, we cannot find any true flaws with the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer, nor can we find even the smallest hint that it does not deserve to be named at the best vaporizer. The closest we can come is that you will need to connect the wand to make the unit hands-free. However, since some people would prefer this method, we do not consider this to be a flaw. Any other issues would be based on your own preferences, such as a desire for a smaller unit or alternative delivery method. Although some might prefer a less-expensive unit, at $280 for the complete kit, we feel this is actually quite reasonable for everything you get with (and from) the Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer. However, if you need a more economical alternative, just keep reading.

A Cheaper Alternative: The Helix Vaporizer Pen With Complete Kit By Grav Labs

If you are accustomed to a different delivery method and want to try vaporizing your medicine, you might be hesitant to invest in a full-sized unit. If so, the Grav Labs Helix Vaporizer Pen is an excellent choice. It will give you an opportunity to experience vaporizer for less than $120 for the complete kit.

Grav Labs has a history of introducing innovative, quality products. Their version of the vaporizer pen is no exception. Grav Labs has designed a new type of mouthpiece to provide you with a smooth, cool draw. Three tiny holes swirl the smoke into a vortex (which, incidentally, lets you perform a very interesting trick) that will cool the smoke to ensure that every draw is extremely smooth.

The kit comes with the unique Helix mouthpiece, batter, small dabber, USB charger and three heating coils. The Grav Labs Helix Vaporizer Pen is designed for use with concentrates and is not suitable for loose leaf. The battery and charger have a one-year warranty. All things considered, we believe this unit is the best vaporizer on the market for the price.

A More Expensive Alternative: The Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer

Sometimes, people want the best vaporizer available, regardless of the price. If your budget allows, we recommend the Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer with Solid Valve Starter Set. Everything about this unit is engineered to provide you with great precision, ease of use and a quality vaporizing experience.

Let’s start with the digital display. Large, easy-to-read numbers display the unit’s current temperature as well as the temperature you selected. This eliminates any doubts you might have regarding whether the unit is ready for a session. Temperatures can be displayed in your choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius scales, with a precision of plus or minus 1.5 degrees Celsius (plus or minus 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit).

The temperature is fully adjustable, with a range of 104 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, or 40 to 230 degrees Celsius. This ensures that you can choose exactly the setting you prefer or require for your particular type of medicine.

The Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer is constructed from stainless steel, making it extremely durable. The air pump is one of the most robust offered for vaporizers and will provide years of use. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty for your peace of mind.

The unit weighs about four pounds and is approximately 7.9 inches by 7.1 inches. It will automatically shut off if no interactions occur for 30 minutes, so you need never worry about whether you turned off the unit before leaving the house.

If you are looking for the absolute best vaporizer on the market today, we believe you need look no further. In our opinion, the Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer with Solid Valve offers everything you could possibly want, from a great vaporizing experience to great looks, and it is the best vaporizer to select if the price does not matter to you.


Other Runner Ups

No two people have identical preferences or requirements for a vaporizer. Therefore, we would like to provide with some alternatives that we feel are also excellent products, but which we did not believe merited rating as the best vaporizer. All offer excellent performance as well as value; all are priced at less than $100.

Our Picks:

  • Pax 2 Portable Vaporizer – Widely regarded as one of the best handheld vaporizers ever made, the Pax 2 has one of the sleekest, sexiest designs on the market. Designed to be discreet and luxurious, the Pax 2 has absolutely zero moving parts and comes in four colors: charcoal, topaz, platinum and flare. Other notable features of the Pax 2 is a heat-up time of less than one minute, a recharge time of 2-3 hours and dimensions of 3.87 x 1.21 x .85. 
  • The AtmosRx Vaporizer Pen by Atmos – Although designed specifically for use with dry herbs, the AtmosRx Vaporizer Pen can also handle waxy oils. Atmos engineered the pen with the latest technology to heat your medicine to the proper temperature in under five seconds without burning it. The ceramic heating chamber does not utilize a wick, so every draw will be consistent in taste as well as potency. Rugged construction helps ensure years of trouble-free use with proper care. Pens are offered in silver, blue or black.
  • The Dube 2 Vaporizer Pen by White Rhino – In past years, White Rhino produced a product that we considered the best vaporizer pen for the money. The “new and improved” version of this long-time favorite, the Dube 2 Vaporizer Pen offers a number of upgrades. The revamped mouthpiece provides better airflow than the original, making the vaporizing experience much more satisfactory. This upgraded model can now vaporize liquids and waxy oils as well as dry herbs. The unit is ready to go quickly and can produce lush clouds of vapor. This set comes with battery, USB charger, wall charger, tank for vaporizing liquids, cartridge for waxy oils, cartridge for dry herbs, cleaning brush, tweezers and packing tool. Choose from gray, 22k gold or black, and then feel confident that you have chosen the best vaporizer pen in its price range that is currently on the market.



We know that each of our customers is an individual, with specific tastes, needs and preferences. When we prepare reviews, we strive to ensure that we include a variety of products to help customers find precisely what they like.

To summarize our findings, we consider the following products to be the best vaporizers currently on the market.

  • Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer ranks as best vaporizer overall.
  • Helix Vaporizer Pen with Complete Kit by Grav Labs is our budget pick for best vaporizer.
  • The Volcano Digital Desktop Vaporizer with Solid Valve Starter Set is our choice for the best vaporizer if price is not an obstacle.

We also offered three additional products that were strong contenders for the title of best vaporizer. For our runner-ups, we chose:

  • The Vapr2.0 Vaporizer Pen Kit by iPuff
  • The AtmosRx Vaporizer Pen by Atmos
  • The Dube 2 Vaporizer Pen by White Rhino.

All of these six products feature quality construction and excellent vaporizing experiences. Therefore, you can select the best vaporizer that most closely matches your needs, knowing that you have made an excellent choice.



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