The Best Portable Vaporizer of 2017

Beginners and seasoned users of dried herbs are just as concerned about their health as anyone else. That may be the reason that you decided to vaporize rather than smoke your medicine. In this instance, the best portable vaporizer is going to be the one that perfectly heats your dried herbs so that they are not burned or destroyed in any way. This ensures that you do not ingest any of the dangerous chemicals that are contained in some dried herbs. The only problem is that there are so many good vaporizers on the market. This problem is the best kind to have, but it makes finding the right portable vaporizer a task that can seem insurmountable.

You are in the right place if you need help finding the best portable vaporizer because we created a list that highlights the features of the best vaporizers. All of the devices that we tested had good features, but only one made it to the top of the list, and it is the Boost vaporizer by Dr. Dabber.

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Our Choice: Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer for Dabs

Why is the Dr. Dabber Boost vaporizer so wonderful? This question has several answers. For one, it allows you smoke waxes and oil concentrates in a beautiful product. This one fact makes this dabbing vaporizer stand out amongst a large crowd because not many that are currently on the market can vaporize like the Boost. The Dr. Dabber Boost vaporizer pen makes it very easy to switch from one substance to another with three different removable attachments. Then, traveling is very convenient because you can fill the attachment with the desired herb and transport the vaporizer easily.

Another reason that the Boost vaporizer is the best portable vaporizer is because it was created to be taken anywhere discreetly. All of this device’s parts can be neatly tucked away in a stylish little case that will not cause anyone to suspect that you are carrying a product that vaporizes dried herbs. The actual vaporizer was designed in such a way that it really does look like a pen, so if you were to take it out of its case and someone saw it accidentally, that person would believe that it is only a writing pen.

Another reason this device is the best portable vaporizer is because it is made of high-quality materials. Unlike glass vaporizers, a stainless steel vaporizer is not as difficult to clean. In addition, it is stronger than glass, so it will not necessarily break if you drop it. Furthermore, your new vaporizer pen will stay beautiful because water cannot cause it to rust or corrode.

Lastly, the Boost vaporizer is the best portable vaporizer because it is so small. Other vaporizers are much too large to allow you to take them outdoors, but you can do this simply and comfortably with our number one pick for the best portable vaporizer.

Is Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer Right For You??

Our choice for the best portable vaporizer is for people who are concerned about the toxins contained within dried herbs. When people smoke dried herbs, they consume benzene, toluene and tar along with the herb’s active components. You can avoid these unhealthy substances by vaporizing the herbs rather than burning them. The Boost vaporizer is also for those who want to feel the effects of their dried herbs right away. 

Some people do like to smoke their dried herbs and do not want to vaporize them. They enjoy using bongs and pipes, so a vaporizer may not be for you if you are someone who would rather smoke.

More Info On the Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer

The people with Dr. Dabber believe that you don’t have to be ashamed of your hobby. However, they also think that it isn’t anyone’s business. When you see the case that the best portable vaporizer comes in, you will see what they mean. The case is small and unassuming. No one would suspect that you are carrying a vaporizing apparatus by looking at this container.


This best portable vaporizer also gives you the opportunity to add accessories that do not come with the product. For example, you have the option of purchasing a grinder, extra cartridges and non-stick concentrate containers for your new vaporizer if they will suit your purposes.


  • Used for solid concentrates
  • Comes with a Portable Enail
  • Heads to 700 degrees in 30 seconds
  • 50-60 uses in a single charge


Even the best portable vaporizer has a flaw, but it is still the best, so this drawback does not mean that the Boost is not worth trying.

Now, what is the flaw? This blemish is not very serious at all, but we thought that it would only be fair to mention it. Other vaporizers give you the option of choosing between one and three different colors. One such pen comes in a pretty pink that camouflages the vaporizer’s true purpose even better than our pick for best portable vaporizer. Even though this is the case, our pick for the best portable vaporizer does a very good job of concealing the true identity of the Boost Vaporizer. Therefore, this one little flaw really isn’t any reason for concern.

A Cheaper Alternative: The Snoop Dogg G-Pen Vaporizer

The $120 price tag for the Fogpen 3-in-1 vaporizer pen may be too much for you, but you are in luck. We wanted to expand this best portable vaporizer list to include a cheaper option for those on a budget, and it is the Snoop Dogg G-pen vaporizer that was designed to be used with dried herbs.

This product is highly impressive because it produces vapor that is out of this world, and it doesn’t require a lot of work to begin enjoying your favorite herbs. All we needed to do was click the G-pen’s battery five times, and it immediately began to work its magic. Then, all we had to do was treat the G-pen as if we were sipping our morning coffee, and we were off to the races. Like our choice for the best portable vaporizer, this cheaper alternative is small and easy to transport.

A More Expensive Alternative: The PUFFiT X Portable Asthma Inhaler Vaporizer

The PUFFiT X portable asthma inhaler vaporizer is amazing. It looks exactly like an asthma inhaler, but this one is used for dried herbs and is unique for more reasons than one. It’s the very first of its kind and is a great dried herb apparatus if you need to be discreet when you are traveling around town. It is also the first portable vaporizer to make use of forced-air vapor flow and convection heating.

The PUFFiT X is even easier to use than the G-pen described above. We just activated the battery, and the chamber needed less than one minute to grow warm. You can feel free to leave this vaporizer on the table, and it will not elicit any questions. It’s so easy to carry that you can put it in your pocket or throw it in your purse right before you leave home. If you want to, you can explain what this product actually does, and your enlightened friends will be extremely impressed with it.

Other Runner Ups

We knew that there could only be one best portable vaporizer, but most of the devices we tried had something special. That’s why we added this section. Our choice for the best portable vaporizer may not be for you, but this runner-up list might have what you are seeking:

Our Picks:

  • Classical Portable Vaporizer by Magic Flight – It only took a couple of seconds for precious vapor to be released from this little vaporizer. The designers created it to be discreet, and it is. We couldn’t hear anything as this vaporizer did what it had to do. Another bonus is the fact that it is so efficient. This vaporizer lives up to expectations by completely vaporizing all of the dried herbs that we placed inside. It doesn't matter how many times you draw upon this product. The last time will be just as strong and enjoyable as the first. This little beauty comes in three different colors, including cherry, walnut and maple.

  • Ghost Vaporizer Pen by Dr. Dabber – The people at Dr. Dabber take their role as innovators seriously because we can always rely upon them to provide us with better products. As you might guess, the Ghost portable vaporizer got its name because it is made of the strongest borosilicate glass, and it is the first vaporizer pen to have this distinction. Of course, the BoroPen was built to last because of the borosilicate glass, so it also needed to function extremely well. Since it comes from Dr. Dabber, it does. You can use this pen to vaporize concentrates and wax.
  • Pax 2 Portable Vaporizer If you're after the best portable vaporizer on the market, you must consider the Pax 2 portable vaporizer. With a brilliant design and beautiful colors of charcoal, platinum, topaz and flare, the Pax vaporizer in the pinnacle of perfection in almost every category imaginable. Unlike other portable vapes that have a ton of moving parts, the Pax 2 is designed with no moving parts, a long battery life and a design that is second-to-none. Enjoy!


We knew that we were about to start a humongous project when we decided to find the best portable vaporizer on the planet. We took this job to heart, and we learned that it would be very easy for the uninitiated to make a mistake and buy the wrong device. Someone who is experienced may also find it difficult to narrow the field down, so a best portable vaporizer list is advantageous to everyone. We believe that the vaporizers on this list are phenomenal and that you will never regret taking our advice about purchasing one of them.

The manufacturers of the products featured on this list are never content to rest on their laurels after they create a great product. Therefore, the design and the technology will improve over time. To make sure that you are not missing the newest vaporizers, check back with us often because we will need to update this list as time goes by.

We believe that the best vaporizer is the Boost vaporizer, but the less expensive Snoop Dogg G-pen vaporizer is also excellent. Those who like to splurge on their paraphernalia may really like the innovative PUFFiT X portable asthma inhaler vaporizer, but the three runners-up are impressive as well. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for you to buy more than one if you cannot decide between one vaporizer and another.


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