The Best Percolator Bong of 2017

Percolator bongs contain an interior water chamber that filters smoke so that it is smoother, cooler and more satisfying when it hits your throat. While a standard bong does percolate and filter the smoke, you get extra filtration for even smoother smoke when you purchase a bong with a double water chamber design. Even if you already own an assortment of bongs with different features, you want to add at least one of these percolator bongs to your collection.

We recommend the Upline Bubbler Bong from Grav Labs as the best on the market at the moment, but you also have some other options. Keep reading to learn more about this exceptional bong plus others that serve as solid alternatives.

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Our Choice: The Upline Bubbler Bong By Grav Labs

We have studied many bongs over the years and have found that some look much better than they perform, and some of the best-performing bongs are far from beautiful. While there are some other great bongs we could have featured in this review, Grav Lab’s Upline percolator bong stole the spotlight because it is just as impressive in appearance as it is in performance. This is one bong that you can enjoy in the private moments of your life, but it is also a showpiece at parties and other social gatherings

Every Grav Labs Upline Bubbler Bong is made in Austin, Texas, and the design was created by none other than the award-winning glass sculptor Micah Evans. Micah is known for his creative glass works, and he brings something special to the bong market. You even get to customize your bong by selecting from a short list of decal colors. The decal is featured at the top of the spine and adds to the sleek appearance of the bong.

What makes this percolator bong different from many competing bestsellers is the long, thin design. Each time you hit the bong, water is pulled up through the slender spine, filtering through multiple chambers along the journey. By the time the smoke pushes through each of those filtering chambers and slips into your throat, it is smooth and full of flavor.

The slender, stretched design naturally grabs attention because it has that artisan touch created by Micah, but it is more than something pretty to look at. It doesn’t let you down when it comes to exceptional filtering and satisfying smoke delivery, so it offers the perfect blend of modern style and exceptional functionality.

Are you guessing that a percolator bong with a unique design from an award-winning artist which still delivers an incredible smoking experience is out of your price range? That is a common assumption giving the benefits of the Upline percolator bong, and it does retail for approximately $250 full price.

While there are some percolator bongs that sell for less than $100, and you may find those on sale for considerably less if you shop at the right time, there are also some percolator bongs that retail for more than the Upline. This percolator bong from Grav offers a design that you won’t find from other brands and which you won’t find featured on a bargain-priced bong. When you combine the multiple-chamber spine design with a rewarding, smooth throat hit, you see why we chose to feature the Upline Bubbler as our top choice in the percolator bong category regardless of the $250 price tag.

Who Should Buy The Grav Labs Upline Percolator Bong?

While we love the Upline Bubbler, no bong can perfectly meet the needs of every smoker. We highly recommend this as our top choice to anyone interested in more than performance. Every user wants to buy a percolator bong that delivers smooth, cool hits to their throat every time. That is the purpose of purchasing a bong with the double-water chamber design. Yet, there are some smokers who also look for bongs that get them excited from appearances alone. If you are one of those people, then you will appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the elegant Upline Bubbler Bong.

If you are searching for a cheap percolator bong and are only concerned with how it performs, then you may want to go down in price to a lower-priced model that still delivers reasonably satisfying smoke hits. Your bong may look much like every other bong in the room at social gatherings, but perhaps you are more concerned with how it makes you feel after your smoking session.

If you would prefer a more interesting bong that is fun to look at and play around with, then consider saving up your money for the Upline percolator bong because it does deliver a more satisfying smoking experience than most cheap bongs. Keep reading to learn about one way to lower the price of the Upline while still enjoying this impressive design.

More Info On The Upline Bubbler Bong From Grav Labs

Who doesn’t want to own at least one percolator bong that they can flash around to impress their friends? The Upline Bubbler makes your smoking experience more fun. The design will spark many creative conversations when you share your hits with others, and you will find yourself taking in the craftsmanship when smoking in solitude as well. You know that part of the smoking experience comes from the way the bong feels in your hands and the quality of the smoke produced. What we love about this percolator bong is it’s ability to stimulate enjoyment that goes beyond the effect of your herb.

Do you want the Upline experience with a more affordable price tag? Consider choosing the Mini Upline Bubbler. The standard Upline bong is 20-inches tall, but the mini is only 12-inches tall. It features the same design, but the smoke travels through a slightly less expansive spine. This can reduce the quality of the smoke that hits your throat, but you still get satisfying hits that are smooth and cool. The mini model sells for approximately $150 full retail price, so you save about $100. Consider starting with the mini if budget is a concern, but you will want to eventually treat yourself to the full-size version to complete your collection and fully immerse yourself in the percolator bong experience.


  • Designed and manufactured by Grav Labs of Austin, Texas
  • Eye-catching, slender spine with multiple glass chambers
  • Made out of tough, attractive, durable borosilicate glass
  • Four decal colors to choose from: black, red, blue or green
  • Stands 12″ tall


No percolator bong is without flaws, but the Grav Labs Upline Bubbler is as close to smoking perfection as you can get. While it is made with thick glass and is designed to last, it doesn’t come with some of the bong accessories you may use to enhance your smoking experience. For instance, you may want to purchase an ash catcher. Most bongs don’t come with those accessories, so we still consider the Upline well worth the price. Some users may just need to save up for a bong of this caliber.

A Cheaper Alternative: The Twisted Bong

This percolator bong stands 14-inches tall and retails for less than $100, so it is similar to what you get with the mini version of the Upline Bubbler. The honeycomb design adds diversity to your smoking experience and is perfect for a variety of situations. For instance, if you fill the water to cover just the bottom of the honeycomb, you will experience next to no drag and your vapors will explode with flavor. Adding more water to the top of the twisted bong creates more of a bubbling effect for increased filtering of your smoke. You can choose the amount of filtration by determining how much water you put into the chamber, so you have flexibility suitable for smoking different substances.

This bong gives you the pick of an accent color, offering pink, black and blue. These colors are subtly placed at the bottom and along the top openings, so they add a touch of style while keeping the overall appearance sophisticated. This Twisted Glass Honeycomb Bong is also made from thick borosilicate glass, so you don’t have to treat it with tender loving care. This is a bong that feels satisfying in your hands, and it is designed to last without breaking easily. If you’re concerned with the origin of your glass bong, this one is made in California. It also comes with a glass bowl just like the Upline Bubbler.

More Expensive Alternative: The Grav Labs Stax Capella Bong Kit - $299.99

The Grav Labs Stax Capella bong is a high-priced percolator bong that not everyone can enjoy, but you may consider it a solid alternative to the Upline if money is no object for you. What makes the Capella bong different from many other bongs is the addition of a showerhead percolator which catches your ash for exceptional cooling of the smoke.

The glass on this Stax Capella bong by Grav Labs is thick and durable, so it is designed to last even if you aren’t the gentlest handler ever. It comes with two mouthpieces, so you can determine which one suits your needs best. The first is a mouthpiece with a trumpet design, and the second mouthpiece is a high-quality Helix. This percolator bong is 25-inches tall and delivers smooth, flavorful smoke with a satisfying hit every time.

Other Runner Ups

We couldn’t select just one or two percolator bongs and forget about the rest. While those highlighted above are exceptional in quality and offer something special, there are still some great bongs available in every price range. If you aren’t quite sold on the Upline or our high and low-cost secondary picks, consider these three runner-up bongs:

Without Further Ado, They Are:

  • Stax Regulus Bong by Grav Labs – This percolator bong comes with a traditional Helix body and stands at 16 inches tall. The Helix design makes it easier to clean up after a smoking session, so you can keep your Regulus bong pristine without residue buildup that interferes with the quality of your smoke. It is made from scientific glass and comes with a funnel bowl. This beautiful percolator bong starts at $239.99 and is quite affordable to many smokers.
  • Swiss Recycler bong by Sesh Supply – This Sesh Supply percolator bong is durable with strong glass designed to last through many smoking sessions. The recycler design is perfect for low-filtration vaping to maximize flavor, but you also have the option to increase the water level for amazing bubbling and exceptional filtration. We recommend this bong for its versatility and strength.
  • 16″ Grav Labs Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong – If you prefer to keep it simple, this straight beaker-style bong with honeycomb disc and ice catcher is a good alternative to the fancier recommendations featured earlier in the review. Even with the simple appearance, this is a mid-market bong that falls just under $180 at full retail price. It is excellent at filtering, so you can expect smooth, cool hits every time. Of course, quality is high since it comes from one of the best brands on the bong market today.


If you’re struggling to select just one of these percolator bongs, make a list of your top five picks. Make it your goal to add at least three of those bongs to your collection over the next year or two. Pick one that is affordable to your budget to get started today, or jump right in with the one that gets you the most excited. You can pick up the others later and compare the smoking experience. Even though they are an investment, these bongs are at the top of the market because they maximize the smooth texture and intense flavor of your smoke or vapor.


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