The Best Glass Water Pipes of 2017

Whether you’re into dabbing or dry herbs, you simply can’t go without well-designed glass water pipes. The market is so flooded with options, though, that zeroing in on the best ones can be downright daunting. We were curious ourselves about what would qualify as one of today’s best glass water pipes, so we decided to go ahead and do the research for you. During our quest, we sampled a wide range of models by some of the best brands on the planet. Ultimately, though, our search for the best glass water pipes came down to a handful of very viable options. Of them all, however, the Swiss Honeycomb was deemed the best of the best. It is affordable, well-designed and, most importantly, delivers a truly remarkable and fun smoking experience.

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Our Choice: Swiss Honeycomb by Purr

With so many great glass water pipes out there, we knew we’d have to be very discerning while testing them out. We fell instantly in love with the Swiss Honeycomb designed by Purr. Based in Los Angeles, the family owned and operated company employs some of the most talented craftspeople in the world. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Swiss Honeycomb bong by Purr such a standout. With its $239.99 price tag, this honeycomb bong delivers an amazing return on your investment. You’d normally expect to spend twice that amount for a bong that’s loaded with these kinds of features. Let’s start with the borosilicate glass design, which ensures that this bong stands the test of time and that it withstands all kinds of wear, tear and abuse. Indeed, there’s no need to handle this pipe gingerly. From every angle, this glass water pipe is a delight to behold and should become a fixture in your collection.

The cool, exceptionally well-filtered smoke coming from the business end of this 9" beauty will show exactly how the Purr glass family made it to the top of a very competitive business. Handcrafted glass like this Swiss Honeycomb Bong is beautiful, and because it's made from thick, sturdy material, it's also durable. Certainly among the best glass water pipes of 2017!

The base on this glass bong adds to its sturdiness and resiliency. It also allows you to put it proudly on display, as you’ll be wont to do thanks to the beautiful design of these glass water pipes. Offered in gold, pink slyme and slyme, this pipe is an honest-to-goodness masterpiece. By putting it on a shelf in your home, you’re sure to receive all kinds of compliments from visitors. Many will want to know where they can get one like it, and you can explain that it topped our list of the best glass water pipes and impress them even more. 

Is The Swiss Honeycomb by Purr Right for You?


Just because the Swiss Honeycomb tops our list of the best glass water pipes doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. It’s probably a little too pricey for smokers with somewhat limited budgets, for instance, though it’s worth it to save your pennies and dimes since it’s so chock-full of features.


  • Designed and manufactured by Purr from Los Angeles, California
  • 9 inches in height
  • Available in gold, pink slyme, and slyme
  • Durable, sturdy and highly functional
  • Includes matching funnel bowl that’s deep enough to hold a good amount of product without the risk of it spilling out


In the interest of objectivity, we feel compelled to point out a few minor but noticeable drawbacks of this style of glass water pipes. First, there’s the price. It’s cheap considering all the features you’re getting, but it’s still a little steep for many smokers. Another potential issue is the fact that it cannot be easily disassembled. It can be a problem for people who are used to taking apart and putting back together pipes like these. In the scheme of things, these complaints are minor, and we honestly believe that smokers of all stripes and experience levels will get a lot out of this well-designed pipe. With all things considered, we stick to our #1 rank of the the Swiss honeycomb bong as one of the very best glass water pipes. 

A Cheaper Alternative: Circuit Dab Rig

Good things do come in small packages! If you’re in the market for new glass water pipes but have limited money to work with, the Circuit Dab Rig is a great option to consider. For only $79, you’ll get an amazing pipe that is built to last. What's awesome is the water jet percs create a mini whirlpool that appears as you are hitting it! The Circuit Dab Rig is also made from premium quality Borosilicate glass so you know you're getting something sturdy. This little pipe is truly a wonder manufactured by Grav Labs.

More Expensive Alternative: Dual Inline Dab Rig

Do you have some extra money at your disposal? Look no further than the dual action inline bubbler bong by Grav Labs! Aside from your average glass bong that only allows the smoking of dry herbs, the dual action inline has the ability to also be used for concentrates, waxes, and oils! Simply load the side of the bubbler bong that you wish to use (or both!) and enjoy one of the best smoking bongs on the planet. It will set you back a cool $250 but the awesome design and the multi-use functionality is totally worth it.

Other Runner Ups

While seeking out the best glass water pipes, we came across many incredible options. In order to bring you the most comprehensive information about today’s best models, we’re adding three honorable mentions to the list:

Without Further Ado, They Are:

  • The Upline Bubbler Bong by Grav Labs – Available in small and large versions, this tried-and-true Grav Labs model boasts a series of filtering chambers up its steam that deliver superior percolating and cooling effects. As a result, smoking out of this pipe is incredibly pleasurable, and you never have to worry about inhaling harsh, hot smoke. At $150, it is an affordable option, especially when you consider its top-notch borosilicate glass design. Both the 12-inch and 20-inch versions include a matching glass bowl, and you can take your pick from green, red, black and blue decals.
  • Deluxe Bubbler Bong by Elevate Accessories – Enjoy two incredible experiences in one with these remarkable glass water pipes, which is offered for an incredibly affordable price of $300. By two experiences, we are referring to the fact that it can be used for dabbing or dry herbs. That’s because it includes a wax attachment and a dry herb attachment, so you can customize your smoking experience as needed. Denver-based Elevate Accessories has outdone themselves with this line of glass water pipes, which boasts a sleek, slim inline design that is sure to make it standout in your collection. Beginners and experienced smokers alike will love everything about this pipe.
  • The Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong by Grav Labs – Yet another Grav Labs creation makes the list, and why not? The company is renowned for its truly impeccable craftsmanship as well as its innovative and thoughtful designs. This model stands at 16 inches in height, and it is available for a price of $175. Its showerhead-cut downstem offers some of the finest percolating action around, ensuring a smooth, cool, enjoyable smoke every time. There’s also a classic tree percolator that enhances the filtering and cooling action even more. Incredibly, this model is also loaded with an ice catcher upon which you can rest a few ice cubes to make your smoke even cooler. It pulls double-duty as a splash guard as well, preventing mishaps like a pro. Rounding it all out is a flared beaker base that keeps it sturdy and upright under even the most trying circumstances.


Finding the best glass water pipes of 2017 wasn’t easy. We’re positive that we made the right choice by naming the Swiss Honeycomb the best glass water pipe of them all, and we made a point of including several other models as well. After all, different smokers have different needs, budgets, and preferences. Glass water pipes that works for one person may miss the mark with another. This well-rounded list is as definitive as can be, but glass water pipes designs evolve frequently. You can expect new models to enter the market regularly, and you can stop by here to discover the best ones.


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