The Best Cool Bongs of 2017

Cool bongs have a double meaning for me; cool design and cooled smoke. I’ve done some research to understand how bongs are able to cool smoke and aerate vapors. I’ve also watched lots of videos and tried several of the top contenders to rate the best cool bongs from personal experience. In the age of vaporizers, atomizers, diffusers, pre-coolers, electronic cigarettes and hookahs, I take some comfort in the fact that the classic bong has survived for thousands of years as a great way to inhale herbs, tobacco or aromatic essences. The best overall bongs on today’s market offers convenience, portability and space-age engineering, so my top recommendation goes to the Stax Regulus bong by Grav Labs. I’m proud to have been selected by my associates to write this review about the best cool bongs for our website.

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Our Choice: the Stax Regulus Bong By Grav Labs

The Regulus by Stax and Grav Labs in the 16-inch size is just right for easy handling, portability, and storage. The cool bong's design forces the smoke through the outer wall into narrower inner sections by small intake holes, which causes the smoke to spin, aerate and cool. If you want to get technical, this action is called the Venturi effect. Changes in pressure generate the spinning in a funnel shape, which causes the speed and aeration to accelerate. What you really need to know is that the process makes inhaling any herbal mixture or tobacco smoother. The cost of cool bongs runs a bit higher than the simpler smoking devices, but at $239 the Stax Regulus delivers great construction and engineering at a reasonable price for the serious smoking aficionado.

The size is just right for using socially, taking on vacations or using for medicinal or herbal treatments. The scientific-grade glass cleans and wears well, and it resists easy breakage. Of course, any glass can break, so you need to exercise some care, but that’s true for any glass bong that you might buy. The wide beaker-type base strengthens the bong’s durability and stabilizes its weight so that it has a lower center of gravity, so it doesn’t get knocked over easily.

I love the design that’s sure to start some interesting discussions if you leave the bong on display. The talks can get quite lively between Baby Boomers and Millennials as they discuss the relative merits of smoke apparatuses. If you don’t enjoy displaying your bong, you can easily stash the Helix Beaker Bong in a drawer, backpack or closet.

The drag is cleaner and purer due to the cooling effect and the bong’s direction-intake stem. The micro-holes encourage entertaining bubbles while smoking, and this agitation helps to remove ash and particulates. Fortunately, the mouthpiece prevents the liquid from escaping so that all you get is dry, cool and clean smoke.

Bong liquid filters impurities and contaminants from the smoke, but you don’t want to inhale or taste the brackish liquid when smoking. The thoughtfully designed mouthpiece prevents the bubbling action from affecting the drag.

Another reason that the Stax Regulus bong tops our list is that you can order some righteous accessories. You can replace lost or broken parts or order the optional Octabowl that has the best built-in screen system of any bong I’ve ever used. These complex glass screens generate amazing airflow while screening ash more effectively than metal screens that quickly disintegrate. You can also order glass-funnel slide bowls, thick percolator-type ash catchers, pre-coolers and other accessories for medicinal or smoking purposes. The wood or metal herb grinders are great for homogenizing smoking blends.

Is the Helix 16-Inch Stax Regulus Bong Right For You?

Beginners might have a bit of a learning curve, but it doesn’t take rocket science to use the bong—just to engineer it. This particular type of bong is best suited for the more experienced smoker or a person who uses herbs medicinally and requires a smooth inhale that’s free of irritants like excessive heat and particulates. Suitable for both serious users who burns herbs for their health and fun-loving casual smokers, the Helix Beaker Bong provides easy handling, great stability, a wide selection of replacement parts, scientific-quality glass and accessories for every

This manufacturer employs skilled glassblowers to create its exceptional products, but the workers know how to have fun, and I consider that a big benefit when buying American-made products. Glassblowing is both science and art, and quality craftsmanship always shows in the finished products. Produced in small batches by skilled artisans in Austin, Texas, your Helix Beaker Bong qualifies as a one-of-kind piece that is as decorative and beautiful as it is functional.

More Info This Cool Bong By Grav Labs

The Stax Regulus water pipe has accent colors that vary because you’re buying a unique piece with each order. The following details will help to inform and provide some specifics. The glass quality matches the glass that is used by laboratories for scientific applications, which is something you don’t always find when looking for cool bongs. The borosilicate, lab-grade glass is easy to clean or sterilize for medical usage or, if you’re like me, for personal hygienic reasons. You can clean all the parts to remove germs, allergens and resins with pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol.


Many users want the details before investing in a smoking device, so here are the specs:

  • Manufactured by Grav Labs by skilled craftspeople
  • Comes in clear or black designs
  • Includes a directional intake stem, matching X-cut downstem and bowl
  • Optional Octabowl available
  • 16 inches high with a 50-millimeter base for stability
  • Micro-holes between inner and outer glass walls that generate the Venturi effect


Depending on your personal taste, you might prefer bongs with more decorative flourishes. Personally, I like clean lines and simple aesthetics, but that’s just me. You might prefer cool bongs with bells, whistles and clever artwork. I think the company could easily create a more artistic version, but this criticism doesn’t change my mind that the Helix is the best bong on the market.

The price might be more than you want to spend for a smoking device, but I can only say that the level of quality easily matches or surpasses the price. You could expect to pay $500 or more for cool bongs made by master glassblowers with special bowl attachments and extra features. I find that the 14-inch Helix Beaker Bong offers the best cost-value comparison on the market based on style, function and quality. My colleagues concur, so this bong gets our highest rating.

A Cheaper Alternative: the 10-inch Ceramic Pleasure Point Bong by Summerland

Newbies, folks on tight budgets and people with medical disabilities might want to spend less on cool bongs, so we’re happy to provide our best bong for the budget-conscious smoker or medical user. Summerland is the creator of this incredibly cool bong that has many of the same aesthetic charms and features that the Beaker Bong delivers for about $220.

  • The Pleasure Point bong comes with a removable bowl
  • Made from high-quality ceramic
  • Beautiful design makes it look clean at all times

This workhorse version offers many of the same conveniences as the top-ranking Regulus bong at a more affordable price.

More Expensive Alternative: The Deluxe Bubbler Bong by Elevate Accessories

Serious aficionados of herbal remedies, medical treatments and concentrated essences often prefer cool bongs that offer traditional smoking and dabbing options. Dabbing, which involves vaporizing highly concentrated essences and oils into aromatic waxes, requires some different smoking attachments. The Deluxe Bubbler Bong by Elevate Accessories qualifies as one of our top three cool bongs because The Slim Inline Bong provides a handcrafted aesthetic design and the ability to smoke dry herbs or concentrates. The attractive wooden base comes in your choice of Wild Olive, Verawood and Amboyna Burl to match your taste or room décor.

You can use the bong to smoke dry herbs and vaporize concentrates for demanding medical applications and therapies. The bong comes with a nail and dab bowl attachment and a standard bowl. You can also order color-coded Mystic Non-Stick Concentrate Containers, torch lighters and Mystic Timber Dab Tools with opposing ballpoint and flat ends to use with the bong or vaporizer pens. You can enjoy heirloom-quality design and an amazing range of smoking options with this bong, which normally sells for around $399.

Other Runner Up Cool Bongs

Other cool bongs that our staff considered for the top spot for this review include the following high-quality products:

Our Picks:

  • Android Dual-Use Bong by Grav Labs
    – Hey, you might be noticing a pattern here because Grav Labs seems to make most of the winners. The 8-inch Android bong, which retails for $329, offers many of the advantages that the other Grav Labs cool bongs deliver. The showerhead percolator cools and aerates the smoke, and the bong comes with a Helix trumpet-style mouthpiece and a funnel bowl. We just liked the refined smoke of the Beaker Bong better.
  • Land Yacht Ceramic Bong by Summerland
    – It’s easy sailing with the Land Yacht bong by Summerland. Standing at 12.5", the Land Yacht will definitely get you noticed. Summerland’s high-grade silicone grommet ensures clean hits - every time. This beauty will set you back $190 but it's worth every penny.
  • The Classic Gravitron Gravity Bong by Grav Labs
    – This was the product that launched Grav Labs, and it remains an affordable and functional bong for any aficionado’s collection. You can choose from L or XL models that are perfect for any smoker at a cost of around $80.00. Don’t be fooled by competitors cheap imitations that use fragile and thin glass, the Gravitron is by far the best gravity bong on the market.


We understand that choosing the right cool bong or smoking device can be overwhelming. Beginners or people who need medical therapies face a bewildering array of pipes, vaporizers, vaping pens and different types of bongs to consider, so we provide these reviews to help you narrow your selection based on budget, taste and whether you intend to smoke tobacco, herbs or highly concentrated essences for their various therapeutic benefits.

Cool bongs have several features in common that include aerating and cooling smoke while removing particulates and ash. Aesthetic considerations also matter, and portability issues are important. If you’re going to invest in a high-quality glass bong instead a cheaper plastic model, you want a brand with lab-grade glass and replacement parts that are easy to install and disassemble.

Our top three choices for overall performance is the 14-inch Beaker Base Bong by Grav Labs. We also give top marks to the company’s 9-inch Tower Bubbler for people looking for a more affordable option. The best bong regardless of price is the Deluxe Bubbler Bong by Elevate Accessories. We have researched hundreds of models and tested products based on the features that most smokers prefer.

We know that choosing among the thousands of cool bongs is a personal choice, so we provided our reasons for making our choices. If these factors influence your decision, you won’t go wrong with the recommended models. Grav Labs got the most kudos because the company seems to understand the things smokers most want and deliver them with style and practicality. We also like the company’s business model that devotes equal attention to glassblowing skill, customer service and support for American-made products that are produced in small batches of the highest caliber.

Our top choice hits almost all the marks, but your reasoning might be different. We understand that smokers often choose several smoking devices for different herbs, social situations and herbal treatments, so we’ve provided some extra choices of cool bongs that meet our standards.


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