The Best Cheap Bongs of 2017

We wanted to find the best out of all the cheap bongs on the market, and after trying out more than a few, we’ve declared a victor. At $84.99 for the extra-large size and just $79.99 for the large, the Gravitron Gravity Bong by Grav Labs blew us away with its performance and gorgeous design. As you can probably tell from the name, the Gravitron is a gravity bong, so it delivers an impressive amount of smoke—enough that the Grav Labs website states it’s the most efficient pipe ever created. In the vast world of cheap bongs, the Gravitron isn’t the cheapest, but in our opinion it’s the finest combination of affordability, style, and performance around.

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Our Choice: The Gravitron

Finding a high-quality glass smoking device that won’t empty your wallet can be hard enough, but if you add wanting a gravity pipe that doesn’t look like it was made in someone’s dorm room, you’re up for a real challenge. The Gravitron has been around for a while, so sometimes it’s easy to forget it’s out there, but there are plenty of reasons to take another look at this classic bong.
First of all, The Gravitron is pretty. It’s stunningly well designed, and the pipe’s sleek lines and elegant simplicity made us wonder if there might be paparazzi hiding in the bushes trying to snap a picture of it. This pipe is nothing like any other gravity pipe you’ve used, and comparing it to the soda-bottle-and-bucket contraptions most of us remember from our first gravity bong experiences is like comparing a leopard to a wombat. Using a gravity bong for day-to-day smoking is a strange concept to some, but the Gravitron’s superior level of control and simple construction make it completely practical to use anytime.

The bong is made entirely of clear glass, and the interior component resembles a wine bottle with a glass bowl instead of a cork. The outside section is a simple glass tube just wide enough for the bottle-shaped part to easily move up and down in. Using an all-glass gravity bong might be a little intimidating at first, but the Gravitron is made of thick, laboratory-grade glass designed to resist shattering. On the off chance that you do break one of its components, you can easily order replacement parts on the Grav Labs website.

And what about Grav Labs? Is this a good company to do business with? In a word, yes. Grav Labs was founded in Austin, Texas, about a decade ago, and the company has made a name for itself by producing super-high-quality American-made pipes and bongs. Grav Labs employs over 70 people in Austin, 30 of whom are glass blowers. Grav Labs consistently puts out some of the most innovative and daring designs around, and it’s fostered the careers of many skilled glass blowers, designers, and glass artists.

Looking through a catalog of Grav Labs products conjures the image of a mad scientist working away in a basement laboratory full of bubbling glassware, and this aesthetic is dramatically different than that of most other smoking-related glassware on the market. All of their glass products are handmade in small batches, and their glassware ranges from cheap bongs like the Gravitron to some truly luxurious smoking devices.

The Gravitron is one of Grav Labs most iconic creations, and if you’re careful with it, it could last you a lifetime. The only non-glass parts on this device are a black plastic plug on the bowl that ensures a perfect seal and a rubber bumper at the bottom of the inside component that prevents glass-on-glass contact. Both parts can be replaced by Grav Labs, or you can probably find workable replacements at your local smoking-supply shop. The Gravitron comes in two sizes, large and extra-large, and you can choose between a black V-shaped Grav Labs logo with leaves or a simpler frosted-glass triangle logo. Both look great and really add to the overall sleekness of the Gravitron’s desig

Is The Gravitron Right For You?

The Gravitron offers so many outstanding features unusual among cheap bongs that it seems like it would be ideal for everyone. If you appreciate minimalist, modern design, want to get the absolute most out of your supply of dry herb, and don’t mind being a little careful with your bong, this is the ultimate device for you. The Gravitron’s construction ensures that absolutely no smoke escapes during the smoking process, so if you’re on a budget, this is one of the best cheap bongs you could buy. The pipe is so pretty that you’ll likely want to keep it out in plain sight; if you happen to be one of the lucky ones that lives in a cannabis-friendly state, the Gravitron could make a lovely addition to your mantel or coffee table.

The Gravitron is one of the best cheap bongs around, but if you’re on the lookout for something you can toss in your trunk for a camping trip along with all your other gear, this might not be the best choice. It’s made from some of the highest-quality glass around, but it is still glass. The bong’s all-glass construction makes it more vulnerable to breaking, of course, and it will need to be treated with a modicum of care. That said, it’s not going to shatter if you look at it wrong, and if a part breaks, you can always order a replacement.

More Info On The Gravitron Gravity Bong

Grav Labs suggests a few fun accessories for the Gravitron if you’re looking to switch up your smoking experience. The Octabowl is a glass bowl with handle on the side and a built-in glass screen. Using a gravity bong can be a little fiddly sometimes, so having a handle on the bowl would make managing the Gravitron even easier. Grav Labs also suggests their Standard bowl. This awesome little glass bowl is a slider, making clearing leftover smoke from the Gravitron as easy as pie.

You’ve got some great colors to choose from when picking out your Gravitron. The black triangle logo is available with a green, fuchsia, or green leaf design, and the bumper at the base of the interior part comes in black, blue, or fuchsia. All the colors work well with the bong’s overall design, and they add some eye-catching but subtle accents.


  • Made of heavywall borosilicate, otherwise known as laboratory-quality glass
  • Large: 13.5 inches; X-large: 14.5 inches
  • The Gravitron is one of the most efficient pipes ever made for maximizing the smoking potential of your dry herb. The bong’s unique construction fully retains smoke in the inner chamber until it’s drawn out for use.
  • This cheap bong is excellent for novice smokers
  • The Gravitron is dishwasher safe or can be cleaned by hand with warm soap and water
  • Grav Labs offers a lifetime warranty against breakage or damage due to manufacturer’s error for all their glass products


The Gravitron’s pretty great, but no smoking device is perfect. Below is a list of a few issues the Gravitron has.
  • The bowl the Gravitron comes with has a long stem, which has a nice cooling effect on the smoke. Unfortunately, this stem style is prone to clogging up faster than usual. All you have to do is clean it out, but it’s still kind of a pain.
  • The Gravitron’s all-glass construction works well and takes the gravity bong to a whole new level, but its two-part construction makes it a little more prone to getting accidentally broken than some other cheap bongs.
  • The outer tube on the Gravitron is pretty narrow; it’s really just wide enough for the bottle to move in and out. This makes the bong look fantastic, but if you’re used to homemade gravity bongs or other cheap bongs, getting the water level right can be tricky at first.
  • A Cheaper Alternative: Twisted Mixed Color Glass Bong

    Among cheap bongs, the Gravitron is our first choice. But, if money’s tight, consider the 10-inch, twisted, mixed-color bong. This well-made glass bong is $59.99, and its solid rubber-on-glass construction makes it one of the sturdier options out there. Since it’s made of blown glass, the bong’s pattern varies some from piece to piece, and its twisted design is intriguing enough to make you want to put it on display. The 10-inch height makes this bong perfect for using at home but still not too big to take on a trip or to a friend’s house, and it comes in an array of different colors. This a classic style among cheap bongs, and it will give you years of smoking pleasure if you treat it right.

    More Expensive Alternative: The Upline Bubbler Bong

    If you want the best cheap bong that’s an investment, a conversation piece, and a superior smoking device rolled into one, check out Grav Labs’ Upline Bubbler. This clear glass bong is 20 inches in height, and its elegant, architectural design is unlike any other we’ve seen. The Upline consists of three tall, slender parts, and all work together to percolate and cool the smoke as it travels through each chamber. The Upline bong was designed by renowned glass artist Micah Evans, and watching it in action is fascinating. At $174.99, this cheap bong is actually kind of a steal. It’s is a perfect marriage of functionality and design, so we thoroughly recommend the Upline if you’re looking to treat yourself.

    Other Runner Ups

    We considered a lot of cheap bongs while trying to pick the best, and these three tough contenders gave the Gravitron some real competition:

    Without Further Ado, They Are:

    • Zig zag Water Bong –
      The awesome glass zong bong has an unusual elbow design that makes it stand out from the pack, but the real prize here is its ice catcher. The ice catcher on this bong efficiently cools each hit, keeping you and your friends comfortable and (more or less) cough-free while using it. For $69.99, this is a solid choice when it comes to cheap bongs.

    • Mini Flare Base Bong by Grav Labs - 8 Inches 
      One of the best cheap bongs of 2017, the flare bong is only eight inches tall, but it delivers a better smoking experience than many of its full-sized cousins. The bong is made of the same lab-quality glass as all of Grav Labs’ products, and its small size makes it especially great for traveling. At $99.99, this is one of the pricier contenders among the cheap bongs we considered, but it’s designed to last a lifetime, and its straightforward functionality is something everyone can appreciate.
    medibubbler bong
    • Medibubbler Bong - This glass bubbler bong by Medibubbler is known for its excellent filtering system, so if you’re looking for a super-smooth smoke, this cheap bong is perfect. The Mediubbler is 7 inches high and made of tough borosilicate glass. It costs $99.99 and is definitely one of the best cheap bongs of 2017.


    Choosing a winner among all the cheap bongs we considered wasn’t easy. In the end, the unusual Gravitron stood out from its competition and won the day—even though some people would never consider a gravity bong for a daily smoking device. We hope you give the Gravitron a try; it’s a blast to use, and it will definitely make your supply of dry herb go further than you ever thought it could. Grav Labs hit it out of the park when they designed this classic bong, and although it’s been around for a while, we still consider it the best buy among all the cheap bongs out there.


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