The Best Bubbler of 2017

No respectable smoker should go without a decent bubbler. Regardless of which kind of dry herb you like to toke, a bubbler adds a new dimension to this fun pastime. We felt it was our duty to track down the best bubbler, but narrowing things down was no easy feat. Even after whittling things down to a half dozen options, we struggled to decide which one qualified as the best bubbler. At long last, though, we chose the Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Percolator & Helix Mouthpiece by Grav Labs. In the interest of fairness, we went ahead and made a full-fledged best bubbler list, so you can more easily pinpoint the model that’s right for you! 

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Our Choice: The Upline Upright Bubbler By Grav Labs

With so many great bubblers out there, choosing one to be the best bubbler wasn’t easy. We’re confident that this gorgeous model by Grav Labs is worthy of the title, though. For starters, just look at it. The talented folks out in Austin, Texas, really know how to transform borosilicate glass into something truly beautiful. We also appreciate that you can choose from three decal colors: red, green or black. If you enjoy putting your favorite pipes, bowls and other pieces on display, this one is sure to take a place of honor in your home. As an added bonus, the top-quality scientific glass is remarkably durable, so you can safely bring this piece along with you without having to treat it with kid gloves.

Perhaps the most notable thing about The Upline Upright Bubbler by Grav Labs, our pick for the best bubbler, is its showerhead percolator, which is one of the best diffusers we’ve ever had the pleasure to use. This downstem diffuser features numerous tiny slits that produce tons of cooling, aerating bubbles for a more enjoyable smoke. Smoke travels through the water and is pulled into the chamber, where it’s diffused to not only become cooler but to be cleared of contaminants as well. You’ll notice that there’s little to no drag, and this bubbler resists clogs like a champ. When you add in the Helix mouthpiece and its Venturi swirling action, you get a smoke that’s unbelievably cool, smooth and easy. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll quickly see why this model shot to the top of our best bubbler list.

Thanks to its upright design, this bubbler is sturdy and won’t topple over randomly. While it’s not exactly cheap, you can invest in it with confidence because it’s sure to stand the test of time with ease. This is also convenient in that you can put it on display without having to prop it up in any way. The funnel bowl is nice and deep, so your dry herb will stay in place without any trouble. There’s also a trumpet mouthpiece, so if you prefer to smoke using that method, this bubbler has you covered in that department as well. This is the kind of bubbler that’s sure to become a fixture in your home, and visitors will love giving it a whirl.

The Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Percolator and Helix Mouthpiece stands 8 inches tall, so it’s large enough to accommodate all kinds of smoking preferences but small enough to be wonderfully portable. Really, it’s a fantastic size, and that’s another reason that we went ahead and declared it the best bubbler on the market today. With a price tag of $199, it’s not exactly inexpensive. However, the cost is more than justified not only by its durable, long-lasting design but by its many cool features. If you only want to buy a single bubbler for your collection, you can’t do better than this model. Similarly, if you’ve never had the pleasure of using a bubbler before, this is a great one to try.

Is The Upline Upright Bubbler By Grav Labs Right For You?

If you’re willing and able to invest a decent chunk of change into a bubbler, our pick for best bubbler should be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you are on a somewhat limited budget, you probably won’t be able to justify forking over $200 for this piece, even though it is well-designed and fun to use. One of the main things that ultimately pushed this piece to the top of the list is the fact that it’s suitable for beginners and more experienced smokers alike, so wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’re sure to have a wonderful smoking experience when using this upright Upline bubbler. Finally, if you place a top priority on the aesthetics of your bowls, pipes, and other pieces, you’ll love this bubbler.

More Info On The Upline Upright Bubbler By Grav Labs

We were enamored of the Upline Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Percolator from the get-go, and we’re sure you will be too. While deciding on our pick for the best bubbler, our top priority was finding one that delivered the best smoking experience possible, Sure, aesthetics, durability and other factors matter too, but the ultimate thing is how much fun it is to use. In that department, our pick for best bubbler is in a class of its own. Even if you have an extensive collection of bowls, pipes, bongs and other pieces, you’ll find yourself reaching for this handy little bubbler again and again. Odds are your friends will put in special requests to use it with you too, so be prepared for that!


  • Upline percolator downstem offers delightful bubbling action that cools and filters smoke
  • 9-inch height
  • Designed by Grav Labs of Austin, Texas
  • Stunning glass design features top-notch borosilicate scientific glass that stands the test of time with ease
  • Choose from three decal colors: black, red or green
  • Deep funnel bowl ensures that herb or medicine stays firmly in place – no more mishaps
  • Trumpet mouthpiece also included ensuring that you get the smoking experience that’s right for you
  • Incredible craftsmanship makes our pick for best bubbler a true work of art


Since the Upline Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Percolator and Helix Mouthpiece is our pick for the best bubbler, it doesn’t have a whole lot of flaws. In fact, just about every aspect of this bubbler is perfect. One thing some folks may gripe about, however, is its price. At $167, it’s probably beyond the reach of more casual smokers, who simply can’t justify investing that kind of money in a bubbler. More serious smokers, though, shouldn’t bat an eyelash at the price and will recognize that it’s actually a steal considering the kinds of features that are included. Some people don’t like Helix mouthpieces, but that issue is handily resolved by the inclusion of a trumpet mouthpiece. The designers sure covered their bases while crafting this incredible bubbler.

A Cheaper Alternative: The Glass Bubbler Pipe By Grav Labs

Seeing as how our top complaint about the best bubbler on our list is its price tag, we thought it was only fair to include a less expensive model. The Glass Bubbler Pipe by Grav Labs was a natural choice. First, it costs less than $70, which is an absolute steal for something as well-designed as this. This 32mm pipe is made out of tough yet attractive scientific glass, and you can take your pick from green, red, black, blue and white versions. You’re sure to love the compact size of this sleek little pipe. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, though. It offers up some incredible bubbling action that produces a remarkably cool, smooth, easy smoking experience.

A More Expensive Alternative: The Deluxe Bubbler Bong By Elevate Accessories

Our best bubbler list wouldn’t be complete without including a higher-end option. If you’re looking to splurge on a truly amazing bubbler, you can’t go wrong with the Deluxe Bubbler Bong with Dry Herb and Wax Attachments by Elevate Accessories. Its list price is $400, but we offer it for a cool $300. That may still sound like a lot, but this bubbler delivers a lot of bang for your buck. Its slim inline design and heirloom quality style make it a joy to behold. Whether you’re into dry herbs or dabbing, you can rely on this bubbler to deliver a first-rate experience every time. It includes nail and dab bowl attachments, so it can be used either way. Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado, this remarkable bubbler has earned a well-deserved spot on our best bubbler list.

Other Runner Ups

While compiling our best bubbler list, we tried dozens of models. Even after deciding on the ones highlighted above, we had plenty of others that were worthy of recognition. Three great runners up to consider include:

Our Picks:

  • Purr 2 Go - Polycarbonate Travel Bubbler - Dry Herb & Dabbing – Hailed as the first indestructible bubbler ever created, this beautiful bubbler by Purr is made of modular shatter-resistant polycarbonate parts that seamlessly fits together to create the perfect smoking experience; perfect for at home or on the go! At a price of just $99, this versatile bubbler is a worthwhile investment for any smoker.
  • The Upline Bubbler Bong by Grav Labs – This two-for-one deal is not to be missed! For $150, you get a small bong and a large one. More importantly, this bubbler bong is brought to you by Grav Labs out of Austin, Texas. They’ve been churning out amazing pieces for more than a decade, so you can rest assured that you’re getting quality. The mini bong stands at 12 inches in height while the large one stands at 20 inches. The glass percolating chamber runs up the spine and cools and filters smoke as it passes through. This slender bong includes a sleek glass bowl, and you can choose from four decal colors: black, red, blue or green.
  • Pocket Dual Chamber Bubbler Pipe by Purr - 6 Inches - Pink and Clear – Well, Purr did it again! Purr has doubled the pleasure, doubled the fun with this Bubbler Pipe. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful bubbler on the market today! Its appearance alone helped elevate it onto our best bubbler list. Of course, aesthetics aren’t everything. Fortunately, this pipe provides an optimal smoking experience, too. $99 isn't too much to spend on this beautiful bubbler!


We have to admit it: Testing out the best bubblers on the market is fun! We enjoyed exploring all the different designs and features that are out there and were impressed by many models. Ultimately, though, we had to pare things down to just the essentials. We are confident that the models included on this exhaustive best bubbler list are the best you can buy today. Naturally, new models come out all the time — those clever folks out in Denver and Austin are always coming up with new features — so you should check back regularly for new options too.

 Whether you are looking for an effective, affordable bubbler or are willing to spend top-dollar for a superior smoking experience, you can’t go wrong with the models on this list. So, which one are you going to buy? Happy smoking!


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