How to Make Vape Juice

Learning to make vape juice for your vaporizers at home can save money. Some people may wonder if the ingredients they are paying for in bottles of this type of juice are accurate. By making the juice at home, vape users can be sure of the ingredients and ratios of their products. When making this liquid, it is important to know how to do it correctly. Making the juice wrong could result in a harsh vaping experience, and serious mistakes could cause lung damage. People who are unsure of ratios and calculations should spend some time educating themselves of these beforehand. Ratios must be used for making this juice at home.

When vape enthusiasts are confident in their ratio and math skills, making this juice at home is fun and easy. Although the guide suggests a butter machine for best results, it is possible to use alternate methods to make a tincture. There are many different methods, and they require a great deal of work and varying ingredients. People who plan to make their liquid on a long-term basis should invest in the machine to eliminate hassles.

How To Make Vape Juice

Necessary Materials

  • Liquid flavor
  • Distilled water, vodka or alcohol
  • Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, mixed or separate
  • Marked dropper or tiny vial for proper measurement
  • Empty vape juice bottle with a removable lid
  • Magic Butter machine

STEP 1: Make Medical Herb Glycerin

It is best to make plenty of this. Add it to vape juice mixtures as needed. As a rule, use about 10 grams of medical herb per cup of consumable glycerin. Several people have reported great success making this mixture in a Magic Butter machine. It does all of the hard work of creating a tincture without a lot of physical effort. The method is also much shorter than some others, which may take several days. Place the ingredients in the machine according to instructions, start it and wait for the timer to indicate its readiness. For best results, set it at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Propylene glycol should be added in small amounts, or some people may prefer to buy a premixed blend of the two ingredients. It is better to find a blend that has more VG than PG concentration.

STEP 2: Measure The Medical Herb Juice

It is important to measure the finished product after mixing medical herb and glycerin. Determine the correct dosage amounts to put in the bottle, which should be based on a physician’s recommendation. To inhale doses over several vape sessions, add several doses. However, be very careful to keep track of how many doses remain after each vape session. People who have difficulty remembering this information should only put in one dose before each session. Measure out enough to fill the bottle, but leave a little room for the flavor and any desired liquid to thin it out.

STEP 3: Plan The Flavor Percentage

For flavors, the mixture should be made up of about five to 20 percent flavoring. Some people prefer to mix flavors. For example, a person may want to mix blueberry and lemon. When doing this, make sure the total amount of the flavors combined make up the recommended total percentage. A person wanting a flavor concentration of 10 percent in blueberry and lemon would use five percent of each flavor. Beginners should start with a low percentage and add more to taste. Some people like mild flavor, and other people find they prefer a much stronger flavor.

STEP 4: Measure The Flavor

Use a dropper to measure out the correct amount of flavor into the mixture bottle. When mixing different types of flavors, rinse the dropper out before putting it into another flavor bottle. This will preserve the full flavor of the original bottle. People who plan to continue mixing flavors may not care so much about this step, but anyone who wants to try just the flavor alone or mix it with others in the future should definitely rinse the dropper.

STEP 5: Measure The Liquid

People who prefer their vape liquid to be thinner can add some liquid. Some people use alcohol, but water works fine. This is a matter of preference. Vodka or another form of strong and consumable alcohol may be used to thin the liquid to the desired consistency.

STEP 6: Mix The Liquid Well

When the herb mixture, flavor and any desired liquid are all in the bottle, shake it well. It will need to be shaken for several minutes to mix thoroughly. People who plan to fill their vape devices multiple times from one juice bottle should plan to shake the bottle well each time before refilling.

STEP 7: Fill The Vape Device

Most people have a clear area on their vape device’s body that shows them how much liquid is in it. If this is not the case, it is wise to fill about enough for one dose before each session. People who can remember how many doses they put in their vape devices and have a clear view of the liquid may be able to save time by putting several doses in. Be sure not to take more than the physician’s recommended dosage of medical herb through vaping or any other form. For example, a person who wants to consume part of his or her medical herb through baked goods and partially through vaping should figure the daily doses accordingly.

Helpful Tips For Making Vape Juice

  • Acetyl pyrazine can be added to the mixture to give it a nutty flavor. Use only about 0.2 percent to start. Since it can be overpowering to work with, people who plan to use it often should mix it with glycerin for future use. Keep track of the glycerin-to-flavor ratio.
  • Ethyl maltol, also called cotton candy flavor, can be used for a variety of purposes. When added at about 0.5 percent, it gives the mixture moisture, tames sharp notes and gives it body. In a larger percentage, it can be used to sweeten the mixture as well. It is good for reducing intense flavors. To give the mixture with a cotton candy flavor, use about 10 percent.
  • Ethyl vanillin can also be used as a sweetener or to enhance other flavors. As the name implies, it has a vanilla hint. Use about 0.5 percent to start, and add more to taste. It can also be somewhat overpowering to work with, so vape juice users may want to add glycerin to it for multiple uses.
  • To enhance fruity flavors and add acidity, put one to two drops of lemon juice in the mixture.
  • Maltic or citric acid can be added in small quantities to intensify a weaker flavor. For a bottle with a 10-milliliter capacity, add one to two drops. It will give a much stronger flavor, similar to a tart piece of candy.
  • Add a drop or two of saline solution to give the mixture a salty tone. This may be good with flavors such as caramel.
  • There is an additive called smooth, which can be used to produce a smoother feeling during inhalation.

Additional Warnings And Considerations

  • Avoid making a vape juice that includes heating any type of alcohol.
  • Never add too much alcohol to a vape juice recipe, because it will be harsher on the lungs.
  • Do not use types of alcohol that are not considered to be safely consumable.
  • Always store unused vape juice that contains medical herb doses in a safe place, and make sure it is kept away from pets, small children or roommates.
  • Do not use any type of herb or substance that is not prescribed by a physician, and never purchase medical herbs from any source other than a licensed dispensary.
  • When using a butter machine as the guide suggests, be sure to clean it out well before using it to make anything else.
  • Do not sell or give away any vape juice made at home for medical purposes.
  • Store unused dry herbs in a safe, cool and dry place. If they are not stored properly, they may grow mold and will be unusable.


Vape juice is a mixture of two or more types of liquids or tinctures. When used for medicinal purposes, it contains a mixture of glycerin infused with medical herb. This may be mixed with flavoring, a diluting liquid or both. It can be made in a variety of ways, and it may be made with different flavor liquids.

This is one of the simplest methods for making vape juice at home. Using alternate methods for creating a medical herb tincture can be difficult, and they require more calculation work and ratio-measuring skills. Making vape juice at home is a good way to avoid having to buy it from unknown or untrusted sources. Buying juice that contains medical herb can be fairly expensive, so making it at home definitely saves money. Another reason people make it at home is to obtain the exact flavor mixture they prefer. It may take some time to make the perfect flavors to meet personal preferences, but people who develop these skills and master them may never want to buy premixed vape juice from a retailer in the future. Always follow the tips and steps exactly, which will make the correct process become a habit in no time.

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