How to Roll a Blunt


Learning how to roll a blunt may look easy when you see others do it. However, the process takes several tries to become comfortable with. The most important thing to remember is to be patient. Know the steps ahead of time, and roll the blunt slowly to ensure accuracy. Rolling a quality blunt will make the smoking experience smoother. Also, the blunt will be less likely to fall apart or tear. To roll a blunt properly, it is important to use quality paper along with the right technique. When these two components are added to a quality herbal mixture, the result is a perfect and enjoyable blunt.

People with multiple medical conditions and sensitive lungs may find blunts to be harsh. However, most people say they are mild in comparison with cigarettes. This is only true when they are rolled right. The first few blunts may seem harsh, but once a person learns to roll a blunt just right, the hits will be much smoother.

Necessary Items To Roll A Blunt

  • Blunt cigars of preference or blunt wrappers
  • Sharp knife
  • Scissors
  • Herb crusher or fingers
  • Appropriate dose of medical herb and smoking mixture
  • Pot of boiling water

STEP 1. Prepare The Blunt Wrapper

When using prepackaged blunt wrappers that do not contain any filler, skip this step. To prepare the wrapper, the blunt will need to have all of its tobacco contents cleaned out. Since medical herb must be inhaled to be effective, the contents of the cigar should be discarded. The tobacco in a cigar is mixed with components that are not meant to be inhaled and are very harsh on the lungs. Using a sharp knife, make a slit from the bottom of the blunt to the tip. Use the pinky finger or a Q-tip to gently scrape out the tobacco and filler. Make sure it is all cleaned out, but do not scrape hard enough to tear the wrapper. Keep in mind that some wrappers are made of leaves, so they may tear easier than some types of paper.

STEP 2. Prepare The Herb Mix

Next, prepare the blend of herbs you wish to roll a blunt with. Use the recommended dose of dried medical herb. Add a filler to the mix that will not be as harsh on the lungs. There are a variety of herbal smoking fillers available. When preparing the mixture of herbs, be careful with the medical herb. If buds are used, cut them with sharp scissors. Be careful not to damage their delicate THC glands. Always inspect buds for mold, and put the remaining pieces away after cutting the recommended dose. Crush the herbs in an herb crusher or with the fingers.

STEP 3. Mix The Herbs

Mix the herbs together after they are crushed. Gently examine the mixture with the forefingers, and look for any seeds or stems. Discard these, because they are harsh to smoke. Also, if they are from the medical herb itself, they contain very little THC. This means they will have little to no medicinal value. When the herbs are blended well, set them aside in a small container or dish.

STEP 4. Check The Wrapper

As this process becomes habit, some people may be able to complete the above steps fast enough that they can save time by dampening their wrapper at the start. However, it is important to examine the wrapper carefully the first several times you roll a blunt. It will need to be damp enough just to give it some pliability. A rule of thumb to remember is that it should be damp enough it can be rolled out almost flat. The dry wrapper can be moistened with saliva, water or steam. Beginners should steam the wrapper until they are comfortable enough using water or saliva. If too much water is put on the wrapper, it will tear easily. This is why steam is the best option for beginners. To steam the wrapper into a more pliable state, hold it over a pot of boiling water. Hold it high enough that the heat is not uncomfortable against the skin. This may take a minute or two. Check it every 20 to 30 seconds.

STEP 5. Stuff The Blunt

Once the wrap is pliable enough to move without tearing it is ready to roll a blunt with. Gently stuff the medical herb mix in it. Try to distribute it evenly along the length of the blunt. If necessary, use tweezers the first time to make sure it all stays in. When stuffing the blunt, gently squeeze the sides of the wrapper. Try to develop a feel for determining the fullness of the blunt. By gently pressing the sides of the wrapper against the herb filling, it should be possible to feel how full the blunt is. This will help ensure the mixture is distributed evenly. If the herb is distributed evenly but packed well, it will be a smoother smoking experience. The blunt will also typically last longer. To roll a blunt properly, always use a rolling motion outward and upward with the thumb and forefingers. Do not try to fold a blunt wrapper. This will only cause it to tear or break.

STEP 6. Seal The Blunt

Once the herbs are packed inside, hold the blunt so the bottom tip touches the inner base of the thumb. Gently roll it back and forth with the thumb and forefinger. For a blunt rolled from a gutted cigar, moisten the edges vertically, and gently press them together. When using a longer paper, lick the edges where the blunt will meet and seal. Gently run the forefingers across the sealed section several times. This will ensure it stays closed.

STEP 7. Dry And Trim The Blunt

Some people want to smoke their blunt immediately after making it. If this is the case, the blunt can be flash-dried by using a lighter. To do this, run an ignited lighter up and down the length of the blunt quickly. Do it fast, and only do this for about three or four seconds on each side. Another option is to let the blunt sit in a dry place for up to an hour. When it is ready to be smoked, use sharp scissors to trim the ends of it. When choosing to roll a blunt from a gutted cigar, it will probably not need much trimming. People who roll a blunt from an empty and longer wrapper will need to trim it on both ends.

Helpful Tips To Roll A Blunt

  • People who can stand a little harsher smoking experience but prefer sweetness can add a little honey to the inside of the wrapper when they roll a blunt. This will also help it burn longer.
  • After trimming a blunt wrapper, save larger pieces that are trimmed off. These can be moistened and stuck to any future blunts that may develop tears.
  • For the medical herb, crush it into a granular texture for best results.
  • Beginners who want to roll a blunt for a smoother smoking experience can try adding a mouthpiece filter to their blunt or using cigars with filters.
  • For better flavor and to prevent spilling herbs, use blunts quickly after rolling them.
  • If a blunt seems too harsh to smoke, try rolling the ends a little tighter next time.


A blunt is a cheaper type of cigar, which is commonly hollowed out and filled with medical herb. The wrapper is often made from a leaf or brown paper. A blunt is lit at one end and inhaled from at the other end. Blunts are typically used by people who prefer to smoke something that lasts longer than a joint. Most blunts do not have filtering devices on the end for controlling inhalation. Many people choose blunts to enjoy a fuller or richer flavor and a longer burning time.

Additional Concerns And Warnings

  • When using a gutted cigar wrapper for a blunt, discard it after it burns close to the conical bottom. The last bit of the bottom is made partially of cardboard and will be harsh to smoke.
  • For a better smoking experience, use an herbal smoking mixture as filler instead of tobacco.
  • When using medical herb in bud form to roll a blunt, check the buds carefully for mold. Discard any moldy buds, because inhaling mold particles through smoke is harmful.
  • Keep all unused buds and medical herb stored in a safe place away from children, roommates or pets.
  • Unused medical herb should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent mold from forming.
  • Never use medical herb obtained from anyone but a licensed dispenser.
  • Do not share medical herbs prescribed by a physician with anyone else.


Learning to roll a blunt is a process that anyone can learn. It will take time and patience, and this is especially true when using the method of hollowing out a cigar. Beginners may want to start with rolling a blunt from an empty blunt wrapper. These wrappers come in a variety of options. Once a person learns to roll a blunt, he or he may use it as a preferred form of enjoying medical herb doses in the future. As people become seasoned medical herb smokers, they often prefer a fuller taste. Some people add sweet or flavored herb mixtures to their blunts, so blunts are also a good choice for people who like sweet or earthy flavors. Once these steps and hints become habit, it will be easy to roll a blunt perfectly in minutes.

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