The Atmos RX Vaporizer Review

The Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pen has a simplistic design that’s both discreet and elegant. When I need a dry herb fix but don’t want to put my smoking habits on display, this is a vaporizer that I can take away from home without attracting much attention. Even if someone else sees the pen, it looks much like an electronic cigarette. The elegant, sleek appearance is perfect for professionals or anyone interested in enjoying their herbal medicine with class. Once I had the pleasure to fire it up, I realized that the quality doesn’t stop with aesthetic beauty. In just five seconds, this pen thoroughly heats any dried herb and releases one potent hit after the other without worries of burning up my herb. It will also work with waxy oil if that’s your preference. If you’re searching for a quality vaporizer that’s compact and impressively designed, keep reading to learn more about the Atmos Rx pen.

The Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pen By Atmos

When comparing the Atmos Rx to other vaporizing pens note that this is not a “glycerin only” product, and you don’t have to use a base solution to dissolve a concentrate before you can get that high. This pen uses conduction heating through a ceramic chamber to completely vaporize any type of dry herb or oily wax. What makes it different from many other conduction vaporizing pens is the wickless design. It still utilizes a small spring inside the chamber, but the wick is eliminated. I was impressed with the pen’s ability to distribute heat evenly, ensuring consistent potency in every hit.

Since some low-quality vaporizers are inconsistent in terms of throat hit and smoke quality, I love that this pen continues to deliver potent vapors throughout each vaping session. I enjoy maximum benefit from my medicine because it doesn’t burn the herb and start smoking like some other vaporizing pens that heat with conduction. Atmos designed this pen with a glass screen that inserts between the heating element and the herb. Since the dry herb never touches the heating element, it heats up just enough to release the authentic essence of the flower without burning or producing smoke. The result is smooth, consistent vapor with incredible clarity in taste, so you get the full benefit of your herb without throat burn. The glass screen looks like a honeycomb, and the newest models released come with this piece in the package. You save money over products that require you to purchase an accessory to enjoy dry herb.

Some vaporizers designed to work with dry herb and waxy oils require you to change the tank when switching from one form of medicine to the other. I was impressed when I learned that the Atmos Rx cuts out that step. You can light up your best flower today and switch to a rich wax tomorrow without stopping to change or clean out the tank in between. This saves a lot of time and makes vaping far more convenient when away from home. The compact, discreet design is also impressive because it allows you to smoke virtually anywhere without making it obvious. The smell might give you away, but this vaporizing pen is far less obvious in design than a bong or other smoking devices. Take it on vacation or just keep it at home without raising eyebrows when someone walks into your room.

One thing that blew me away during my first vaping session with the Atmos Rx was the lightening heat-up speed. I’ve used vaporizers that had me waiting in anticipation for the heating element to fire up and start delivering my medicinal smoke, but this one goes from cold to vaping in just five seconds every time. This is another feature that leads me to highly recommend this pen for those smoking on the go. Whether you’re getting a fast hit on break or enjoying the night at a special friend’s house, you can easily slip this vaporizer in your bag or pocket and heat it up whenever you have a moment to enjoy your medicine.

One perk to purchasing Atmos products is their reputation for thorough quality testing. When I first held the Atmos RX pen vaporizer in my hand, I could tell that it was designed to last for a long time. It’s durable, so you don’t have to worry about pieces cracking or breaking off. You do need to keep it clean and maintain it over time, but this is one vaporizer that you shouldn’t have to replace too often. Keep that in mind if you’re considering a cheap vaporizer that may require faster replacement.

I know I’ve bragged about the many benefits of the Atmos Rx extensively, but there’s one more positive endorsement that I want to throw out there: the battery lasts longer than many other vaporizing pens I’ve tried. It comes with a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable through a wall adaptor or USB cable, but it won’t feel like all you do is plug it up and wait. Even if you smoke frequently throughout the day, you will enjoy reasonable battery life with this pen.


  • Suitable for dry herb and waxy oils
  • Wick-free ceramic heating chamber
  • Discreet, compact design
  • Heats in 5 seconds
  • Durable pen-style body
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery (USB and wall adaptor)
  • Glass screen included
  • Rubber mouthpiece
  • 1-year limited manufacturer replacement program

Who Should Buy The Atmos Rx Pen Vaporizer?

I recommend the Atmos Rx vape pen for anyone willing to pay a reasonable price for the quality and advanced design. Full retail price is around $100 per pen, but that includes the glass screen and all essential parts needed to vape dry flower as well as waxy oils. The advanced wick-free design and quality ceramic heating chamber make it well worth that price, considering it won’t burn dry herb and I can switch between flower and waxy oils without messing with the tank.

If you want to take your vaporizer away from home and need something discreet with a sophisticated look, then this is an ideal pick for your vaping collection. You won’t raise eyebrows since it looks much like a pen-style e-cigarette, and it’s small enough to slip into your pocket or bag without weighing you down. If you enjoy vaping or smoking and don’t have a heating unit that you can take virtually anywhere, this is one you should add to your collection immediately.

Pros And Cons


  • Compatible with dry herb and concentrates
  • Compatible with dry herb and concentrates
  • No tank change when changing herbal form
  • Quality justifies the retail price point
  • Compact, discreet design
  • Dependable product quality control
  • Glass screen prevents burning
  • Glass screen included with purchase
  • Pure, authentic taste to the last hit
  • Available in three color options


  • Power button isn’t in the most convenient location
  • Price may deter those on a tight budget

Final Considerations

I’ve had the pleasure of testing many of the vaping pens currently on the market, and the Atmos Rx continues to stand out from the crowd. Not only do I think the sleek, compact and discreet design makes it more attractive to users with busy lifestyles, but I was impressed by the clarity of taste and smoothness of the vapor. Many products can start out delivering smooth vapors that have that authentic flower flavor, but they often start to deliver lower-quality hits as the vaping session proceeds. The Atmos Rx remains consistent not only throughout a vaping session but from one session to the next. This is a reflection of the strict quality control measures taken by the manufacturer.

If you’ve used other vaporizing pens that use convection heating and were turned off because they produced too much smoke and burnt up your herbal medicine, I suggest you give this pen a try before writing them off entirely. The addition of the glass screen and elimination of the wick make a huge difference in the way dry herb is heated and transitioned into vapor. You will enjoy the purity of taste as it hits your throat rather than feeling the burn of smoke.

If you’re concerned about the price of the Atmos Rx vaporizer, remember that you get what you pay for in this market. Most cheap vaporizers won’t deliver the quality of vapor that you enjoy with this pen, and they usually break much faster. You end up spending just as much money in replacement units as you would have spent just picking up the Atmos Rx from the start. You may also find that many of those cheaper units are only suitable for vaping glycerin. If you prefer waxy oils and dry herb and don’t want to waste time changing out the tank as you switch between those forms, you need to invest a bit more for a quality vaporizer.

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