How to Smoke a Bong

Of all the different ways to consume your dried herbs -- rolling papers, dab rigs, pipes, vaporizers, etc -- few are more enjoyable than a good, long bong rip. In this post, we'll get into the basics of how to smoke a bong and even delve into more sophisticated approaches. If you're more of a visual bong smoker, check out our video to learn more.


What you'll need to get started:

  • A bong
  • Something to smoke
  • A lighter or matches

Step 1: Fill the Bong

The first thing that people who are learning how to smoke a bong must do is fill it with water. Users should not submerge the stem in more than one inch of liquid. When a bong has too much water, it can splash into the user’s mouth. It can also moisten the dried herbs which is to be avoided. Some people opt to put ice in the bong’s chamber to cool the smoke and make it as smooth as possible.

Step 2: Pack the Bowl

Preparing the dried herbs is the second most important part of learning how to smoke a bong, so the second step is to remove the bowl and pack it with your choice of substance. People can use a grinder, scissors or their fingers to break their dried herbs into smaller pieces. First, use some larger pieces of ground dry herb to cover the hole at the bottom of the bowl. This keeps users from sucking dried herbs that have not been burned into the water chamber. Remove any stems or seeds before placing these dried herbs inside the bowl. Fill the rest of the bowl with your ground herbs. Beginners should limit the amount of dried herbs they add so that they are not overwhelmed during the smoking session. Firmly pack the dried herbs, but make sure that they are loose enough to allow air to flow through freely.

Step 3: Set Up the Bong for Smoking

Return the packed bowl to the bong and without lighting it draw through the bong to ensure air will easily flow through the packed bowl. If it won’t, you may have a clogged downstem or your bowl is packed too tightly. When learning exactly how to smoke a bong, this step cannot be overemphasized. 

Step 4: Prepare to Smoke

When people are first learning how to smoke a bong, they must prepare themselves for the experience. Bongs generally provide a cooler but greater volume of smoke per hit so novice users should take small rips until they are more familiar with how to smoke a bong. Before smoking a bong it’s a good idea to take several deep breaths. This will help to keep coughing to a minimum and keep you from getting lightheaded.

For first time bong smokers it’s a good idea to be seated and have a table near by to place the bong in case of coughing. They will need to hold their bong with their left hands. The most advantageous way to do this is to take the bong by the base. If their bongs have carb holes, users must place their fingers over them. Continue to treat the bong very delicately especially if it belongs to someone else.

Step 5: Strike the Lighter

Hold the lighter at a 90-degree angle with the right hand. To avoid being burned by the flame, tilt the lighter to the side so that the flame points upward and away from the fingers.

Step 6: Light the Bowl

Move the lighter to the corner of the bowl. Now, it is time to slowly inhale until the herbs begin to burn.

Step 7: Smoking the Bong

Fill the chamber with smoke by steadily inhaling. When enough smoke has collected to satisfy the smoker the bowl is removed and the smoke in the chamber is quickly inhaled. With clear bongs watch the smoke in the chamber to know when to pull the bowl. With opaque bongs you just have to get a sense for each individual one by smoking out of them.

Now that you finished reading this guide on how to smoke a bong you’re ready to take your first hits.

Tips for Creating an Enjoyable Smoking Experience

  • Keep your bong clean for fresher tasting hits. Don't know how to clean a bong? We've got you covered.
  • Change the bong water regularly, dirty bong water can affect the flavor of the smoke (and it looks gross).
  • Make sure to dry the outside of the bong after filling it with water, most bongs will easily break if dropped.
  • Those who are or recently have been sick should let others know as a courtesy before they pass the bong around.
  • Do not pass the bong when it becomes “ashed.”
  • Remember not to take another person’s lighter home.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Smokers must remember to dry the mouthpiece before they pass it to the next person.
  • When lighting a bowl, remember that the entire thing does not have to be lit all at once. Good etiquette is to try to leave enough unburned herbs on the top so that everyone gets a fresh hit.
  • If you are in a large group take small hits so everyone gets a puff.
  • Make sure that everything is clean because the guests will not appreciate it if someone passes them a dirty bong.
  • As a bong is used, it can become clogged with resin fairly quickly. The fact that several people are using these bongs at the same time also means that the water pipe is collecting germs. This means that a bong must be cleaned often so that it can continue to provide smokers with the flavor that they expect.
  • Since resin can be difficult to remove, people often ignore the advice from above and refuse to clean their bongs for a full year. Those who do this have bongs full of a substance that resembles a swamp, so smokers need to remember that when the urge strikes them to put their bongs away without cleaning them.

Bongs, Defined

People do not need to learn how to smoke a bong if they don’t know what a bong is, so this section will answer this question. A bong is a water pipe that people use to smoke dried herbs. Bongs provide the user with a much more pleasant experience.

A bong or water pipe is a necessity for smokers of dried herbs. These apparatuses were designed to elicit the best flavor, but they are also works of art. For example, bongs can be made out of glass, so manufacturers have the ability to create the most intricate and colorful designs. When they are not in use, bongs are still a topic of conversation when they are on display in a person’s home.

It’s one thing to be beautiful, but bongs also need to be functional. If people do not know how to use them correctly, it doesn’t matter how well they are made. New users will not have the experience of a lifetime that their friends claim to have when they are smoking their bongs. 

Bongs contain a section designated for water. The water cools the smoke and filters it as well. This makes dried herbs easier to smoke because users are not inhaling hot smoke that can be uncomfortable on their lungs. The other advantage is the fact that a smoker can produce larger amounts of smoke with a bong than other smoking methods.

Users can purchase several different types of bongs. For example, some are made out of acrylic while others are made of glass. Manufacturers even create bongs out of metal. Along with water bongs, smokers also use gravity bongs that use water to ensure that the flow of smoke is consistent. In general, bongs make it possible to have one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences with dried herbs. To ensure that this is what actually happens, beginners and advanced smokers alike must follow the steps in this guide on how to smoke a bong.

Conclusion: How to Smoke a Bong

A guide that teaches people how to smoke a bong is always highly useful for many very important reasons. For example, some people are told that it’s a good idea to put alcohol such as wine in the bong instead of water, but this can be hazardous to our health and should be avoided. Those who follow the advice in this guide on how to smoke a bong will not have to suffer through ordeals such as these. Their encounters with bongs will be pleasant from start to finish.

Now that you know how to smoke a bong, learn how to dab or how to roll a joint!


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